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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you worrying way too much about job security: There's way to fight against it

 Hello everyone!  This topic came to me the other day because it's something that I believe that every person has encountered somewhere in their lives! Some of the  two main areas deal with jobs,  or what others are going to think!

 The main thing that I have discovered that people are beginning to stress out about their jobs, or they are afraid to lose their job!  In the job world in this day and time, weird things have happened in the job industry!  Sometimes, some of the well biggest companies that most of us didn't except to crumble at all, which have lot of money going to their company! Or the company begins to be in huge debt, which they cannot bail themselves out of at all!  This leads a lot of people who were secure about their job, it leads them to have great fear and depression! 

Or sometimes, most companies can say something is happening, or they're going to lay off workers! It's simply beacuse they try to save money , or try to lower their budgets in order to save the company!It begins to wake up most people, which they really don't want it to be them!  Some people will be like,  " Please don't let it be me!" It's simply because there's a great fear there!

Therby, most people can spirtually sense  what's going on with certain jobs, which they're not fooled at all! Most people can see in their work place little signs of what is going on? Most of them keep to themselves what they're seeing by vision, which they feel that they're alone!  Some of them feel that it's time to make a quick move out of that company so that they won't get into fear! It's not that they hate the company or not, but maybe so! They have weird feelings about something is happening with the company!

Some of you might say, " Are you trying to knock down jobs or company,Tyler?"   Simply not, I am not trying to knock down jobs at all!  There's not any thing simply wrong with working for a company, but the danger goes in is when we make it our security! In other words, we strongly depend on it to be our abundant supply rather than the focusing on the abundant supply of the universe to provide! 

  Don't get me wrong, I work two jobs,but I continue to practice and focus every week now that both of my jobs aren't my universal provider at all so that I don't be paralzed into fear! 

Before then, I strongly had the mentality that a job is my security at all! There were a lot of things that went through my mind as -- I would get into fear about being late once, what is the boss going to say! What if I am doing something right, but  what if it's not right to the boss!? What if this is wrong? What is the boss going to say!? Are they going to cancel me for this?  I am worried about losing points? What if they send me home early, my check is going to be short, which my check isn't going to be how I like it! What about my future, is this going to work out?  If I make a mistake, what's the boss going to say?  In other words, I was the worry freak about all those things, which stressed me out!  To break it down, being flat foot parnoid and being a way too much!

Those things I was parnoid about, I have improved a whole lot, and gotten way much better now! When I'm told to go home from one of my jobs very early, or don't have don't get the hours I want, I don't let it worry me too much! I tell myself," yeah, I get to work on my blog, or some different book project, or other things!"

Don't get me wrong, but now I work two jobs! I have started to get very more serious and focus on -who is my abundant provider! Today in what I know, I continue to practice and focus to tell myself that both of my jobs aren't my universal provider at all so that I don't be paralzed into fear! 

 I am not going to lie to the readers, sometimes those thoughts of scarcity or worry have tried come again in my thoughts! I fight against it and reminder, " Who is my abundant supplier? Tyler, stop worrying about your check being short, look who is your abundant supplier here!? "  Yes Audience, I have to focus and remind myself on those things!"  It's because there's a fight a fight!
How to fight against scarcity or worrying about job security
Some of you have other people speak to you, " Depend on the universe, or have faith in God!Believe that it can work at all!"  The thing was that you weren't never told how to apply faith and believe for the manifestion to come at all! All of you were told these things, but you weren't never taught or shown how to have faith so that it can work out for your good!
Besides,  I was the same way just as you! I would be like," Please tell me how to apply faith so that a manifestion can come so that my confidence won't be further damaged! Quit encouraging and telling me God  or the universe will work it out, I know that part, but tell me how can I get the universe or God to move on my behalf!"
Ways to help you to get out of a scarity mindet, but get into depending on the universal supply
1. First, it going to be hard due to having a scarcity! Tell yourself everyday, " The universe supplies for me! The universe is my abundant supply!" Or if you are believer in God, " Say, God  always provides for me, God is always  my abundant supply! "  Say this a lot within the mind and speak it out loud a lot every day!"
 Note: Don't say- God will provide or The universe will provide, because that's future! It makes you think of tommorrow and later on!   In other words, say  and continue to practice and focus on this statement-God always provides for me!God is always my abundance of  money! Or the universe will always provides!The universe is always my abundance of money! This is present tense, which means it's here now! Always- is on going! 
2. Keep focused on these statements daily!
3. If you have trouble with your thoughts, get a tape recorder and say those statements ,and then record them on tape, and listen to it daily!
4. Get the book and the DVD-" The secret"! This book and DVD I highly recommend to read and to listen too! It will change your thought life! This book will help you understand about having unwavering faith and understanding the law of attraction!
Final word
Don't let fear grip and hold you! Remember a job isn't your security, but the abundance of the universe is!
Until the next blog have a great evening!
Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan

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