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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you making a risky decision that determines your future, how do you feel about it

Have you ever made a risky decision?  Well, most of us knows how that feels and we don't to take a gamble or not! Even though  when most of us make risky decisions, it sometimes take a great deal of thought! Rather we know or not, risky decisions can be sometimes hard, but it's the advancement to lead us to a certain destiny or path concerning to the future!

In what concerns this matter, risky decisions can have an affect on our future!  Because most of us can think, "I really hope that this decision was the correct one!"  The reason why this goes through our mind is because of there are  half and half battles of emotional doubt or being positive most of us made the right decision! 

Before making that risky decision, there's a lot of thoughts that begin to race through the mind as, " Well, if I were you don't do it! Be safe! Don't make that decision is going to cost you!"  There another side of  thoughts that say, " Go for it and do it! It will help you suceed in the future! You need to take that step out of your confort zone to take that next step to suceed!" 

Another thing before making a risky decison, most of us go get advice from other people! Depending on the risky decision, some people will give you positive advice or negatives! Sometimes, the advice can lift up or confidence to make that decision , or put down our confidence to make that decision , or still having emotional battles to make the decision!

Two questions

In the mist of making that decision, have you had thoughts and sounds screaming at you? It's like it goes 24 miles an hour in order not to make a risky decision in your life! It screams and  fights so hard in order not to make that risky decision, or to step out to make a decision to cause advancement in your life!  Most of us will ask the question, " What shall I do?"   There are decision going through our minds, " What if this gamble decision doesn't work out for me or not?!" It seems like a back and forth decision weither or not to make the decision or not! 

Sometimes, it's tough to make risky decisions because it sometimes put us out of our comfort zone!   In what I mean that, we can feel our flesh and emotions screaming," Why in the world did you do that? Why did you make me so freakin uncomfortable? You know better than that?"  After all the yells at one time, there might be a feeling of depression come on like a week or two later due to that risky decision getting most of us out of our confort zone!

I want to ask you another question! Have you felt like you had feelings of making a mistake, then after making that decision, and sometimes you felt like it was very uncomfortable, at the same time you were just focusing that decision will work out in your favor?  

In other words,  most of us have felt those feelings in our lives! Most of us make a decision and then aftter making it, we feel so very uncomfortable, and while having strong feelings of faith that it's going to work out!   Sometimes, you might be focusing by faith," this is going to work!"  You might sometimes say to your self," Even though I might feel uncomfortable now, it's going to work out, either I will learn something valuable out of this risky decision so that it can bring value to other people, or it will turn as great manifestion before mine eyes."

 Bascially, most of us have probably spoken these things  to ourselves in order to build our confidence or self-esteen up!    Sometimes,  another part of our minds say, " I don't know what in the hell I am doing! What the crap!?  It seems like I am walking on water! If I keep focused it will turn out okay!" Have most of yall felt these feelings while taking risky decisions!?

Then for most of us,  we  have fussed  just after making that decision! Why is that? It makes us feel extremely uncomfortable!  Most of us can probably have thoughts and echoes, " Dude! What are you doing? Come on now, you knowk that you want to fuss!" I am not going to lie about it, I have done  such a thing!  As for  the fussing part, I have gotten way much better, but I am not there yet!

Risky decisions don't mean failure

However, when a person make a risky decision, it doesn't necessary mean failure!  Sometimes, those failures from a risky decision might hurt, but if you look at the lesson behind the risky decision, it brings value to you and to other people, only if it's shared!  Sometimes, I have discovered when there is a risky decision that ends up in falure, there are great and deep revelations to those risky decisions!

Even though most of us might hurt under that risky decision, but that's where some of the best and great revelation come if you really look deep enough and ask yourself questions! That's where the wealth of knowledge can begin at! I am not trying to say don't read books, but if you look and investigate long enough a failed risky decision, there is deep stuff behind it!

Final word

What are your thoughts about this subject? What are your feelings about taking risky decisions?  How does it affect you as a person!? I would like to hear your comments and thoughts on this topic! Let's discuss about this subject!

Until the next blog, have a blessed evening

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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