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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why I love and highly recommend ING Direct orange savings account to you

In the beginning, I was hestiant rather to post this or not, but I realized that it's something that can helpyou  make  a great improvement concerning your finances! I realized that it's  also needed  in terms of self-help!  The objective of this post is to help you personally in terms of finances! I want to be real because I am here to give you things that I beleive that will bring value to you, or things you can relate to in life! Not after putting up on here  get rich quick scheme,making money online, or trying to get you away from your old banking accont because that's not me! I am here to post things that are going to help  improve you in the terms of finances!

Note: Before you read this post! I will say again, I am not  going to try and drive you from your savings account from your bank! If you are satisfied with your savings account from your bank! Stay there!!  This is for those who are looking to improve their finances!

My discovery of INC Direct

During the summer of july of 2010, I was asked by a relative of mine to read " I will teach you become rich by Ramit Sethi !" At the time, he allowed another relative  to borrow the book! Weeks later, I called and asked the person who had the book to allow me to read it, which I recieved the book! I didn't know nothing in what I was getting into at the time!  A sat down and I read this book,  a lot of things made sense in the book! The part that caught my attention was about the big banks,mortar banks, things that I didn't know  about at all! Then too,   I stumbed upon and  read his high recommendation about ( ING DIRECT) savings accont to save up money, which there were other savings account that he told in the book! But however, this one was a high recommendation. 

My story

After I discovered the high recommendation of this savings accont, I did investigate on this bank! From all my investigations, I found anything this bank!   Before I opened up  an account with ING Direct,  I called  (ING) Direct first before I started up an accont with them in order to do more investigation about them! The man whom I talked to, he was very nice and answered all of my questions very well! I was impressed!  However, I opened up an accont with them!

During that time,  I seen little results from my old savings account from my bank!  The results were terrible when I tried to save up from my old savings account , which I had to have 25 dollar minimum to put down! However, when I started ING direct,  I didn't have to have a minimum at all!  BasicallyI begin to see results after my 1st month of saving up with them! In what I mean by results is, they will start on interest after one -hundred  dollars!   With my other savings account from my mortar bank, I didn't see that at all! As I continue to save  up and being  disciplined to not touch my orange savings with ING, I seen more results with my orange savings account than from a mortar bank! Right now, I am having my mortar bank savings shut down for good!  I love this savings account because it's help me in the term to improve my fiances! Not because I just am saving only, but my consistency to be disciplined! 

My review on ING Direct

ING direct is one of the best online savings account  out there to use if you want to improve your finances in terms of helping your future goals such as saving up for a house, boasting your finaces,or kid's education or college, a car, and other fiancial goals that you might have! You have to be disciplined with your finances so that you can see improvement with your orange savings account them! I stress that to any person!

Besides, there are no minimum's  and no hidden fees to start up an orange savings  account, which that's what I love about ING direct!  Their annual interest is 1.10%,which is very impressive!  This online bank is not a scam at all!  Once you register with them, they will ask you  questions such as address, name,password, and etc!They also keep your information secure and safe, which they 're extremely strict and  take your security very seriously!

  Once you go through the process of  them, you can link up your checkings account from your bank to connect to the orange savings account after you register with them! In what happens is that it will take a few days to see if that's your account or not! They will put a certain amount of money to see if that's your checking account information that you have gave them!

After confirming your checking account, they will allow you to use your checking account to put into your account to save money! You can decide how much you want to wire from your checking account to your orange savings accoun! Too, you can schedule the day from which you want it wired, which can be weekly, biweekly, or once every month, and let it transfer to your orange savings account  !  However, this orange savings account will not allow you to hook up with another mortar bank savings accounts, that's their rules!

They do have checking account! I don't remember how those rules acutally work!  Do your background check if you want to register a checking account with them online!

Final word:
Therefore I recommend this account because if you are contrentrate on being disciplined in saving up with them! You will see results and be happy too!

Until the next blog, be safe, have a blessed evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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