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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's going on around self-help enrichment

However,It has long year, which it's about to come to a close! We have heard about the new year's resolution! Well, it's going to be a resolution for my blog, which I plan!

This post is going to be different for those who was looking for a new topic! It was been a busy week for me, which you probably know I work two jobs, and have to put in time to work on my blog and the new book!

First off, I have been working and focusing on my new book, which is " Why it's so difficult to forgive family members! This book will be only for those who have had unforgiveness towards a member of the family or more, and those who are struggling with forgiving members now! The focus is for it to speak to people who are dealing with unforgivness with family! Believe me, I know how it feels while struggling to forgive a member of the family!

Therefore, I have no release date when it will come out, but it will be coming soon,at the same time, I don't know when!

Also, there will be an official self-help enrichment website, which will also add to the addition of my blog! The blog will remain here, but new things will be on the self-help enrihcment website! I am very happy about this move! That is being in the mist right now! I will give an update on that! These are the things happening around self-help enrichment!

Too, People who are personal development and self help bloggers! Openings are available! If you want to guest post or a blog review , look at the guildlines! If you are not sure about something! Email me and contact me!

That's all everyone! Until the next blog! Have a blessed evening!

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