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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What is your intention for going to college

 This article  is focused towards people who are in college or going to college! There are different intentions why some people go to college, which can be different, but it's to help you see if you qualify on these 4 great intentions for going to college!

First off,  it's noticed that so many people go to college, but most of them don't have a clue what they are going for! Certain questions might have entered in into their mind, which could be these top 11 that they have thought about!   Is it to go in order to find your purpose while being in college? Is it to go to see if college is for you?   Is it to find the major that you are passionate about?  Is it to get away from parents? Or being pressured to go because of other people?  Is it find and develop a close friendship with someone? Is it to find  fake friends who will lead you on the wrong path?  Is it to find  the love of your life at college? Is it to go in order to get a great paying job?  Is it to play a particular sport that you're passionate about? Is it to get knowledge?

However,  most of  us might have  thought about these questions  rather it's good or bad! Besides, college isn't a bad thing, but only if your intentions are to be around negative influences, then it becomes a great danger

 But overall, it's important to discover your intentions! These four great intentions might help you discover something! The only way you can discover, ask yourself, " What I love to do everyday? What am I trying to discover about myself? What are my interest? Does my interests  connect with the fields in college or not? Do I want what more knowledge about something that I am interested in?

Which  one of these great intentions help  or qualify as you 

 1. Going to college to get a great job

Some of you probably had this type of intention! Too, there is nothing wrong with  having the intention to go to college, and after finishing your eduaction, then going  to get a good paying job! It might sound old school, or some people might not agree with the concept, but just as long as that you have  a deep passion  and  excitement for that particular field and the great job that connects with your passion!

With having a great passion in that field, you will develop a great excitement for that high paying job that connects with your passion! In other words, you won't dread or be stressed out about your job!You're ready to come to your high paying job because it's the passion of your field!

 Without excitment and passion for that high paying  job, you're really just existing  there rather than living with excitement!  What I mean by that, it simplies that you're not happy,but the pay is good, but that  great paying job doesn't connect with your true passion in life!

Special note :If you have finished college, but have a great paying job, but it doesn't connect with your passion! Don't quit that job right there because you need  the financial security! First examine your selves and ask, " Why am I very passionate about?" When you discover your passion, find the jobs or self-employed jobs that connect with your passion! After getting hired at the job or making more than enough income from the job that you're passionate about, then quit that high paying job that you dread!

2.Wanting to have knowledge or  to learn something:

A lot of people have a passion for knowledge and learning about something! College is one of the ways to discover something that you didn't know about! With most people, their intentions for going to college isn't to major in a particular field and find a job that they're passionate about!

Some people have an interest in learning a foreign language so that they can communicate with others who speak that language, or others have  great interest in a subject that they want to know more about! Or sometimes, they want to apply the knowledge in what subject of their interest!

The number one thing that we heard of " Knowledge is power!"   The  type of knowledge that we use, is the thing that create powerful things in our lives! This is because of something that we didn't know about!
If you  have a desire and passion to know more about something of your interest, go for it!

Special note: Sometimes, you probably might have a major in that field, and went because you wanted the total knowledge and wanted to apply it to your advantage! Sometimes, you might have an intention to major because you wanted learn new things of not knowing before! It's because it was your passion!

3.   Discovering your  passion and life's purpose while going to college

  Some people who are going or have been to college, they have discovered their true passion  or life's purpose while going to college! Some of them who probably have discovered their life's purpose, they notice that college is not for them!  They realize that it's time for a career change.

They realize that their passion isn't in college, which they realize that it's time to move on to what they love to do, but  some of them just stayed in college because of what parents and family are going to think! Their mindsets are like, " what are my parents going to think? My parents are going to clown at me? My family won't understand!" It causes them to be paralazed in fear!

Other people don't care what family will think! Take for an example, Bill Gates, he was passionate about computers and discovered college wasn't for him! He realized that his passion didn't actually connect with college! His mother clowned for a great bit, but he and another friend of his, they went on to find and create the company mircosoft!

By any means, I am not saying for every person to leave college! But if'it's not for them, and they have discovered their passions and talent that doesn't connect to a field in college, then go for it!

3. Going to college to play a sport

    There is nothing basically wrong with playing a sport in college ! Just as long as there's balance with school work, there leads time for a person to focus and be passionate about  that sport at a time! Some people focus that sport in college in order to become a professional player! This could be a pro distance runner, pro-sprinter in track in field, pro football player, pro basketball player, pro- baseball player, or a  pro- soccer player.

 Most people focus on their passion of  the sport they love to play! They make it their intention and their focus to become the best they can be!

Or after college, some people still play or participate in the sport in what they have a great passion about! They make it a part of their daily hobbies, or probably want to go pro in that particular sport!

4. To get better your talents and skills

    Actually, the people who are very talented and skilled, they produce a great passion for their work! In order words, they want to advance their skills and talents to get better! This could be writing, writing music, fitness,theatre work, praticing musical instruments,  inventing, or having creativity in business!  Things and ideas that will help most people get better at their skills and talents!  This is an intention most people have while being in college!

 Their focus is on  getting better! Most of them will realize that it's always someone better than them in that field! Why is that? It's because you can learn from people who are better than you in that skill or talent! Some people might not see that way, but it's true! New things and ideas that have never came to your attention!

Final word:

I ask you, " What is one of these 4 great intentions that you have?Are these great intentions for going to college producing inward wealth in your life!?"Is it one or more these below! If so, it's important  not to listen to people who are negative! Sometimes, they can be in college, but it depends on whom you hang around! Never let wrong influences destroy your great intentions for going to college because it leads to death of discovering your passion!

I say this, " What your passion is, will be the main thing that will produce inward wealth in your life!"

Until the next blog! Be safe! Have a blessed day!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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