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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quit wasting your time in a relationship with a person who refuses to pour back or play games with you

Hello everyone! This subject begin to stick with me for today! As this subject stuck with me, it also reminded me of the movie I seen a month back called "Takers"! If a person has seen the movie "Takers", it's a good movie!  As a person obsevered the movie, the robbers had  a destructive plan to rob the bank ! To put it into simple words, they were out take something with an hidden agena.

In most  relationships, most people  have the mentality  that a person is supposed to pour into the relationships without them pouring anything back!  I call these certain people "Takers"!  In other words,they want a person to pour to them, but they don't want to do any type of work and into the relationship  so that it can become sucessful! These people don't want to put in the work, but they want a person to do it for them!  Excuse me for saying this, without work and uniqueness in a relationship, there isn't a sucessful relationship!


In what I find out, most  people are not out to have a sucessful relationship, they're out to drain and  wear you out!  Most likely, these types of people are out to damage your trust and play with your emotions!You probably might say to yourself " I am tired of this shit!" which leads you to be angry and frustrated in the relationship! Sometimes, it can lead you to talk about talk about them or that individual to someone else! You could be so upset until you cut them off!

 And sometimes after leaving the relationship, most people  have an objective to put a guilt trip to make you feel bad  in order to come back  into the relationship so that you to fall into the  their trap!  This leads that they know what to say in order to play with your emotions so that you can return!  Here are some statements below that you have probably heard  of!

1. I still love you, please return! You were a great person!

2. You always checked on me and I missed it a whole!

3. I still wish you were here! I want you to visit me!

4. You were a great friend, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or husband, or wife!

5 I am very sorry that I wasn't being there as the friend, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, husband, or wife that I was supposed to be!

Don't get me wrong, most people get a huge wake up call when a person cut them off, but most of them say those statements to play with a person's emotions!  This shows that they believe that person is  a major joke! They will say ," Well, I am not taking that person seriously, they're a joke!"

What if an individual's actions has shown that he or she don't want to pour back

If  the actions of a person has continued to show you that he or she don't want to pour back into the relationship, but want to drain you; quit wasting your time with that individual!Some of you might think that's harsh! Don't fall that type of shit when people take  you for a joke in a relationship! Rather it's a friendship, dating, or marriage, don't fall for it!

 Some  people  will say  these two  statements  as their  lame excuse, "I still love that person! What would  that person think of me? I cannot stop thinking of that person!" This what keeps a person from moving on to a great relationship with another individual!

Some  people  will use the excuse " it will hurt their feelings!'   That's another hinderance from moving on! They need to hurt in order to wake them up! Their hurt will give them an indication that you aren't nobody's play toy!  What I mean by nobody's play toy?  I mean that  nobody won't come playing with you, or taking you as a joke!

Well Tyler " What if you cut that person off and  he or she  come back!"

Make their ass earn  and work for it!You should not have to pour any more than what you have gave in the relationship! If you're still giving in the relationship, and that person has returned, and he or she has not earned it, you're a just a plum fool!  Sorry for being harsh! That person is going to continue play games with you until you come to realization that so that he or she is taking you for a joke!

Another thing, you don't got no business going back to a person if you have cut him or her off in the right manner! That's another sign that person will take  you for a joke!  I will admit that I have done this before!  Now, I have learned my lessons! I don't allow a person to come back my way again without them working for it!

Final word:

 I encourage you not to waste your time with a person who continues to drains you in that relationship! Cut that relationship off, and focus and believe that you have a great and sucessful relationship with the next person who comes your way!  Besides, those are toxic relationships! 

What are your opinions on this topic? Have you wasted time in a relationship before? Have you been in a relationship where a person drained you? What do you think? I would like to hear your opinions and comments?
Until the next blog! Have a great and awesome day and evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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