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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

People who don't realize the person they have until he or she is gone

Hello everyone!  I am so compelled to continue another topic about relationships! It's not going to be a  topic that will be sugercoated at all! Some of you might ask where did I get my inspiration to do this type of topic? It was from two people whom I talked to very briefly about  relationships, which was yesterday ! In that conversation, I asked one of them -"what would you want me to write about!?" However, one of them  asked me to write about this subject!

As I write on this subject, most of you can probably relate to this matter!  You probably spoken to yourself, "Why does that person continues to take advantage of me? Why does that person take me for a joke in this relationship? Why in the hell do that person  treat me like dirt, when I am showing kindness to him or her!Why this person is to damn blind to see what  he or she has? " These questions are normal to the person who have been overused in a relationship!

You have probably poured into a relationships, but that person took advantage of you!    Every time you poured your heart out to that person, he or she over looked it as if it wasn't nothing at all!  In other words, that person has drained you a whole lot.

Sometimes, you did things for that person, but  he or she didn't appeciate it  at!  That person would look at you and give off an expression like -" What in the hell  you're doing this for me? You're not to do this for me!I don't want you! " Indicating that person took you for granted, but he or she didn't care at all!

Each day, that actions of that person showed that he or she didn't want a relationship with you! That person continued to take you  for a joke! That person feels like he or she got you figured out and got you under their control! Next, you become tired of their harsh words ,trifiling acts, and degrading you! You say to yourself, " Why is this person so controling and manipulative!? Why do they degrade and take advantage of me!? I am fed up with this!"

Days or months later, another individual  comes along out the nowhere and wants to pursue you,  after you see that individual prove that he or she  wants you, then you cut that trifling person off in the right manner! Then too, that person looked like as if you done something wrong!Later on, that person sometimes will come to their senses and say, " What the hell was I thinking? I want my relationship back! That was the greatest relationship! Why did I do such a thing? I really want to tell him or her that I miss you a whole lot!"

Bascially, that person recieves a wake up call when the individual  is gone! That person comes to reality and realizes that individual was so good to him or her! That person begins to think, "What if I could do it again? What if I had another chance?"  Also, person sometimes think this, " I am going to do the same old thing just as before!"

What I'm supposed to do if the person wants another chance in a relationship, or if another individual comes around wanting a relationship with you?

I am going to answer that question soundly just as I wrote in my last post yesterday! MAKE THEIR ASS EARN AND WORK FOR IT?  This will tell you if  that person wants a  chance in a relationship! You don't need to pour your heart again unless that person's actions has proved that he or she wants a relationship with you! Make them work and earn your trust! Can't you see you poured your heart to that person, but that person didn't want to work and earn your trust previously!

In addition,you can give them a second chance, but make their ass work and earn it!!  If they don't come with it! Put your foot down and tell that person, " you're a waste of time! you don't want to commit! You're actions are speaking louder than your words!"

 In contrast, whenever another individual comes around wanting a relationship with you besides that person who drained you,kick that person to the curve! This will teach that person a huge lesson!  That person need to be very  hurt so that he or she can come to reality! That person will begin to humble himself or herself to realize what he or she has done to you, and  it will teach that person not to do it again!  It will teach that person not to be blind again!

People! If  the actions of another individual shows himself or herself of wanting a relationship with you! Don't be dumb-ass! Move on and put closure to that relationship! Don't let your past feelings for that person hinder you from a sucessful relationships with another individual An individual who wants to love and commit to you!  This can be in  friendship, dating, or marriage!

Sometimes, if you go back to that person have you have left for a while, it can be a possibility that person has not changed a bit!

What if the person has left me even though I poured my all of my heart and soul to him or her

It's simple! Let their ass leave!!! It's a good thing when a person leaves because that he or she wasn't intended for you in the first place! When you have poured your whole heart into that person during the relationship, and he or she decides to leave you  for another individual! You can cry for minute, but celebrate because there is someone else better  coming! Focus on the new individual coming into your life, not on the previous relationship!

In that situation, when that person leaves you for someone else,that person will have someone more trifling and take advantage of him or her! This reveals that person hasn't gotten away what he or she has done to you! This points to what  people do unto others, it will come back to them! That's the law of sowing and reaping, and it's very obedient! It's not a respecter of person!

Don't expect to plant corn, and expect to get back apples! It doesn't work that way! Do you expect that if you be trifling and talking advantage of someone else, and you 're going  to recieve back a person who is going to be good to you?  Hell naww, I don't think so! The laws of sowing and reaping don't work that way!

Final word

I know that  I was being tough on this post! Usually, I don't let the tough side of me come unless I have to!  Relationships are supposed to be precious and valued, not abused! When the abuse of trust, lack of commitment,  and always wanting to drain a person  begins to stop in this society, relationships will be sucessful and flourish! It will be so sucessful until we won't have no mind pouring into another individual!

Until the next blog! Be encouraged and have a great day!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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