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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Focusing and feeling the joy of the new person coming your life

It's  kind of tough getting out of the bed  in the mourning, which I had good rest until my alarm clock  ringed at 4:00 a.m!  I was 4 minutes slow from getting up, but  I  felt refreshed! Thirty five minutes later ,I drove  to my 2nd job this mourning feeling a burst of joy and excitement of a new friendship or relationship arriving in my life!

 As for feeling the joy, I begin to think of the desire out of a new friendship or relationship, and not focusing my energy on the old fake friendships,or the old girlfriends  that I had previously! Don't get me wrong, I learned  a great deal of things from those previous relationships, which were my own life's lessons! I take those lessons from my failed relationships  in order for great sucess to happen in my future!

 Bascially, while I was at work, I begin to realize that it's time to shift  my thinking on the future and get the feeling  of sending out strong energy of faith so that the manfestion can happen!  In order  for me to do that, I  started to practice  to get myself in the mood of celebration ! In other words, I put myself in the position of the new relationship or friendship in my life! It felt very exciting to have great energy and passion for a new relationship!

In the mist of the my celebrating mood, I made a decision to be specific in what I desire!   First is to believe in what  I am specific about! Second is to not be doubtful it! Third is to feel as if it's already there!

In contrast,  you can do the same thing to!  Most of you probably had downhill relationships in dating or marriage, and don't want to get into another relationship with another person! This is truly understandable by me because I have felt that way in the past!  Throughout my failed relationships previously, I talked so negative about my fake friendships, or past girfriends until it was pitiful! When I fussed, I really complained until the cows came home! However, I can relate to you! Even though our experiences were not the same, but there's a little relation to it!

Great time of healing   

As I spoken in the  last post, it's okay the cry for a minute, but it's a great time for you to heal from past relationships! As I healed and feel excited, you can heal too because it's the best time of your life to intend a new relationship!

If you are single, or don't have a very close friend in your life! This is a great time to celebrate and practice being excited about the new person in your life! Rather you're focused on desiring a best friend, or  the love your life that you want to marry, it's a new time to be excited!  This leads to asking, believing, and being specific in what you desire!

 my life lessons I learned

 A majority of people don't believe in being specific in what they desire out of a relationshiop! This is because of  certain barriers and mindsets that has been embedded for many of years! Usually they believe that it's not right !

Besides that, during my life's lesson in terms of  previous relationships, I have learned how to ask and be specific in what I desire!  In the mist of  focusing my thoughts on being specific about what I desire, it felt like a new birth inside of my soul and spirit! 

When a person is specific of what he or she desire in a relationship, it becomes exciting and joyous! Usually, you can feel if the new individual is already there!

In my own experience by feeling a new relationship, it felt very awesome to have those feelings! Having the feelings of it now, but it's not been brought to reality yet! That's very exciting! It made me feel positive more than ever!

Besides, other lesson that I have learned it's a difference at being specific or just wanting a relationship with someone!  Being specific means that you speak in details in what you desire in that relationship!

1. Two people who are  specific:Joe and Carla

Joe: I speak and believe for a girl who is romantic! I believe that she will have the most prettiest brown eyes that I have ever seen! I desire that my girl  be the best cook! A girl who is excited about me!  A girl who will be faithful in the relationship, and not cheat! A girl who loves to have a conversation! A girl who is willing to pour her life into me!  I desire a girl who has a lot of wisdom! I desire a girl who is unique! A girl who is fun and exciting to be around! A girl who has a great heart!

Carla:  I speak and desire a close friend! A close friend who won't take advantage of me! A friend  whom I can tell anything to without her telling my secrets!  A close friend whom I can trust! A close friend whom I can connect and bond with!  A close friend who enjoys writing just as I do!  A best friend who is excited whenever  she sees me! A best friend whom we can learn from each other!  I desire my friend to be exciting to be around! A  best friend who wants something out of life! A best friend who is not negative! A best friend who is understanding! A best friend who has a good heart!

Bascially these two people were specific in what they desire out of new person coming into their life! These are the details in how they mentioned it! Although, it might takes patience for that new person to arrive, but there is still an excitment there while speaking in details!

Wanting a relationship with someone is different thing, it brings failure and becomes down-hill later on! First, the person might be excited because of wanting a relationship with an individual, but the majority of time it goes down-hill, or  that person is disappointed by what he or she has received!

Some of yall have heard of these examples:

The two people who want a relationship: Dane and Lille:

Dane: I want a girl! I desire to have a girl! I cannot help, but to want a girl! I need a girl! I feel so lonely! I'am going to have a date!

Lillie: I want a  friend in my life! If she was already here, I could be the best friend to her!

The point is that when a person wants and speaks those things! It mostly don't turn out to be the friend or date that that matches up in their heart! The majority of the time, the relationship is not a sucess!

Final word:

This is the right time to be excited about the new person coming into your life! It might not look like it can be a time of celebration because you poured your heart from the previous relationship! Be specific, believe and celebrate that new person coming in your life! Then too, act if that person is already there!

Hope you enjoyed! Until the next blog! Have a blessed and safe evening !

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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