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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fighting for your dreams

Hello everyone! I was inspired to do this post because so many people allow their dreams to become dead! This is because they have gave up, or felt like that they were a failure in life!  The word of encouragement that I want to give, don't give up on your dreams!  Sometimes you have to fight and battle back in order for your dreams to become a reality!  Fight and be determined to make your dream come alive!

The reason why we have sometimes fight a while before it manifests because  it's a testimony of encouragment to give other people!  It keeps other people going on to pursue their dreams in life!  It also keeps a person to be  uplifted in their spirit that there is hope for their dream or dreams to come alive!  Most people also tell themselves, " That person has been through this, I can do this by faith! I am not alone in the fight for my dream!"

If a plan of domination doesn't work one way, learn from that option, and go to plan b! There is always a plan of domination in order to make your dream come alive, but you alone have to find it! 

Besides, you never know how your dreams will benefit in the lives of other people, or how much impact it can give life to another human being!

Don't let critics destroy your dream

As in fact,  most people lay down to the words of destructive criticism by people!  The first thing that most people will think, " What will that person think of me if I pursue this my dream or passion in life? What will they say about me?"  They're going to say false words because of my words or appearance!

Besides, I have learned over the years of my life about people who give destructive criticism, they are either insecure about themselves, or don't have nothing else better to do! I call them naysayers!  I also learned no matter what you accomplish in life, there is always some naysayer or person who will say nasty things in order to bring your spirit down!  Most people want to see other people's dreams torn down on purpose!

My lesson I have learned

When I started my writing a book around the year 2008! I begin to have fears of," What will people think or say about me? They are going to say bad things about me any way? Or what will my family think if I said this in my book that I have written, which was " Why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us". I will admitt I was trying to hide that book from people so that I wouldn't get judged in the wrong way! Believe me, I didn't want some people to know about this book! I will admit my book is not the new york times best professional writing,but I focus on my audience of people! 

 In contrast, one day I was watching movie on tyler perry, and he said something that changed my thinking! If I am quoting this right, but this what I can remember what he said, " you  can be what ever you want to be in life! No matter what you become or pursue in life some people are going to say bad things about you!

Around this year in 2010, I found something worth while to fight for my dream, which one of them is my love for writing! I just cannot get away from it at all! I started to get more serious focusing on my audience of people, and not focus on what a person will think of me, nor the naysayers! I learned every writer is not perfect, but they have a message to focus on their readers!

Final word:

Never let the naysayers destroy your dream! Let your dream come alive and fight for it! Avoid the mouth of naysayers and destructive critical people who don't think it's possible! It's possible to achieve it if you only believe it!

Until the next blog! Have a blessed evening and day!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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