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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coming soon: a new book I' am writing" Why it's so difficult to forgive family members"

Hello everyone, I have a good few updates to tell everyone before getting into the actual subject update, I want to tell everyone that my  book- why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us- it has been  released in e-book format!  In the year 2009, I wrote this book because I felt in my heart a lot of people were going through these type of issue like me!  I really enjoyed writing this book because I could relate to the people who were dealing with forgiveness!

Bascially for those who don't know anything about my book, I want to give an  short explanation of each chapter so that you will have an idea about my book!  This book is mainly focused  those who have been hurt mentality and emotionally! Then too, I focus some of this book in certain areas on why it's hard to forgive in such areas in chapter one! If you found it difficult to forgive in these such areas as family members, someone killing a close relative or friend, or having emotional battles, and deep hatred towards that person, or being the abuser taking life from you, or someone who lied to you! This chapter is for you! Then too in chapter one,I also tell my story of unforgiveness  of how I dealt with it!

 I talk about in Chapter 2 that  contrentrates  on people who have through their darkest nights of their past! This concentrates on the time of abuse, rejection, and despair that caused you to have unforgiveness!  It gives actual glimpses as you are reading as it speaks directly to you, but only if you have been abuse!

  My focus on Chapter 3 gives the outline about ways why we refuse to accept an apology from an another individual! In what I  explain in this chapter, it will feel as if you have been there, which it depends on your situation! Also in this chapter, it gives  an outline of the anger  most of feel towards a person who apologizes to us!

 In chapter 4,  everyone has been through destructive criticism! I speak concerning this chapter because it's either by society, so-called friends or family members! I mention the statment sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! I say that's a lie, but words does hurt! The most hurt that it can come from family members!

Chapter 5  deals with the road to recovery! At the beginning, I begin to talk about a glimpse is if a person has escaped their horrors! In adition, thischapter can make you determine which healing method can  be best for you! Can it be a testiomony, confronting, or other healing methods?! Then too, I talk about the tricky with question about confronting a person who have hurt you, which a lot of people refuse to talk about! Can confronting lead to healing, or more bitterness?

In Chapter 6 , it explains about barriers in family! Have you had a problem with family? Or you have been ashamed of your family members?  Cannot get  the family together? You will feel that this chapter will probably speak to you about your family!

Chapter 7 includes my final word to every person who has dealt with unforgiveness!

 If you are curious  or interested in my book, you can go to the website below and  view a  sample excerpt of my book- why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us. Then too,  if you really enjoyed looking at the sample page except listed at the website below, I would invite you to share this post and the website with your friends!

If you interested in purchasing my book come click here below at


Other things in self-help enrichment

There are a lot of things that I am contrentrating on right now!  On the about me page, I will have a little more about me in the section! Also,I am focusing on killer content to help the subscribers and audience of people who visit this blog!  Most of the visitors and readers probably see my book recommendations under the categories section. This will also be up in the page section, I will have an in-depth reviews of the self-help and personal development book that I have read, and that will be recommended to the readers! In other words, self-help books that  will help and  enrich your lives! To the audience, I will never recommend a book that I haven't read, or I don't beleive in at all that is going to enrich your lives! 

Too, I will refering some of my favorite self-help or personal development bloggers that I have enjoyed reading! There will be a change in that one!

Bascially, I will not release yet my favorite bloggers who are of the same field that I talk about! They will be recommended by me,which is also my favorite bloggers! self-help and personal development bloggers whom I discovered that have killer  and powerful content! Bloggers whom I think you ought to visit their website!

The new book that is " Coming soon"

 This is the part most of you probably want me to get too! Out of all the news that I have for you given you am very happy that I am now writing  my new book, which is called " Why it's so difficult to forgive family members"  I felt I talk about unforgiveness, I wanted to focus on family!

I was inspired to do this book because I felt as if it was in my heart to write!  The amount of broken families in this society today, it's growing! This book will deal with things concerning  at first chapter the " why"s"!
   Too, I am writing about  about family secrets, which family don't have secret that can affect other relatives! Family members having bitterness towards relatives who passed away! Families who don't want to have gatherings, hell up in family households, chaos at family dinners,family members  who don't want to fool with each other, certain family members trying to keep the family together, and much more in this book!  Then too, this book will speak directly as you are walking  or walked through those shoes with your family, and it will probably make you laugh!  I also want to mention that this book will not be sugercoated at all!

Thanks for listening to the long updates! Until the next blog, have a blessed evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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