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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The fights of being the bigger person

Hello everyone!  Some of us are probably fimiliar with this topic, which it's something that most of us don't like to do at all!  That is  being the bigger person!

This has been a lesson that I have learned over the years! Believe me audience and subscribers, it's not an easy thing to do! For most of us, we get tired of being the bigger person!  We say thoughts" I am sick of being the bigger person in all situations!"

 But however, for those who don't know what being the bigger person is about, it simplifes when a person does him or her wrong, he or she makes the effort to apologize without waiting on the other person to say -" I am sorry", or a person who is asked by an individual whom  he or she cannot stand to go somewhere, but that person says "yes, I will go with you or I will attend", or when  other people is not being honest, and that one person decides to be honest out of the group, or a person who continues to pour himself or herself into another individual, but that individual refuses to pour anything back into the relationship !

Now, I will tell you that being the bigger person can be murder on self! For example, when a person whom you cannot stand, he or she asks, " I would like for you to go to the movie with me, and after that, please call and talk to me!"  The inner self says sometimes, " Hell naww, After what you have did to me! Then you're going to have the nerve enough to tell me to call you! You did it now!"   After that person went to  the movie with the person, he or she will feel so angry and want to choke that individual!  At the same time, you can feel your self growing up, and also an inward stretching!

My own story:

For me personally, I learned lessons from being the bigger person! Years ago, I was so mad at a so-called friend of mine, which I will not disclose his name on here! I have my story to tell about a previous friendship years ago!

Bascially, It seemed as if I would get drained for friendship! In order words, I would  poured myself in the friendship!  Therefore, I was so- mad with him! After I  got fed up with my so-called friend,  I cut him off   and didn't talk to him for became so angry with him, and didn't talk for 3 months!

During that third month, there was a conviction that lead me to get it right with him! I called and talked to him late one night when I was in college!  After we got through talking it out,  He had the nerve enough to call and visit him! It was like this fight or tug of war going through my mind! My thoughts were saying to me at the time - "Hell naww! I came here to get it right! Not to visit or call again! "  My other side of my thoughts wanted to give mercy- " Call him! Visit him to be a person of great character! Show mercy towards him! Give him another chance"

After he asked me to call and visit, I could feel an inward stretch, but I could feel myself growing inside! I finally understood that it was developing me into a person of great character! 

Unsual Tests:

To tell the truth, there are some situations that can really test a person! It can be a more of a fight to be the bigger person!  I am not going to lie!  Depending on the situation, it sometimes takes me a day, an hour, or a minute,or a second, or a mouth to go back and be bigger person!  And too, yall are probably like that also! I can relate to your fight in being the bigger person!  It's not always easy!

This can especially come in an argument with a person! Sometimes, you are the bigger person to apoligize about something done in the past, and the individual is like-" there isn't nothing to apoligize about!"  You're like " What!"  

Sometimes, you can tell that he or she is faking that you don't owe an apology! You feel like " Why did I be the bigger person in the first place!? 

Even though I have been through those types of situations, I have learned that it's develop one's character and attitude!

Final word:

It might be hard in certain situation to be bigger person! It's a fight! Stay encouraged in the fight!

Until the next blog, be safe and stay encouraged! Have a blessed evening

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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