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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't give up the fight : speak to the obstacle and the situation

I am very inspired to do this title because I know that a lot of people are in a fight in a particular situation!  My reason for my inspiration came after being released from my 2nd job  to go home early  at 7:00 a.m  for the second time!  Even though it frustrated me to go home early,  I called a relative of mine that mourning!

The moment  I  started to speak what happened on the job, my relative started  to remind me that it's important to speak boldly towards the situation  or  the problem!  It was a reminder  and a lesson to me that it's important  not to give up the fight  an any situation!

In other words,  while I was at home, I started quickly to shift my focus off the the words  of released from my second job, but on the things that I have passions about, and what I enjoy doing! While in the mist focusing, it was also a reminder to me to enjoy my passions and talents  so that other people can be blessed! 

Hours later ,  I left the house and drove to the library, I spoke with agressiveness to that situation to be moved. Even though my flesh didn't enjoy the loud speaking, I decided to make a commitment  to  speak to obstacles that try to come against my passions in life!   My decision of committing because of  insecure people who will speak negative words and destructivity criticize  my dreams and passions!

Therefore, I heard this statement- only you are stopping yourself from pursuing your passions and dreams!  This is true statement ,but sometimes, most individuals allow certain people to be obstacles and hinderance to what they desire to pursue in life!

Most of you are saying, " What do you mean by this Tyler!"   It simplifies most individuals will sink in bad words  or destructive criticism from other people! By sinking in so much of bad words or destructive criticism from people, it destroys a person's confidence and faith!  This leads to the death of a passion or dream! 

In contrast, I learned this during my years! No matter what passion or dream that you're pursing, there are some people who are standing behind the bush  to tear your passions and dreams down! In other cases, they are as mountains, or obstacles, or trying to create instense situation to bring  about the death of passion or dream! 

I encourage you to speak to those situations and obstacles in your life!  In mist of obstacles and situation, be mad as  if  that situation  or obstacle stole something from you!  Be like- " Hell nawww!"   You have messed with the wrong person, it's time to speak bold words against this situation! 

Bascially, words have power!  An individual speaks life or death  based on what comes out of their mouth! What that person continues to speak, he or she will be believe it, and it will become as a manfestion in their lives!

What about those who have been damaged so much

Don't get me wrong, most people who have been had their confidence damaged, it's not easy for them to speak against it! Most of them are built up by people who are true examples, and not fakes! Other people are builit up by others who speak good words to them!  For other indivduals, they need some one who truly cares!  Overall, it can work different ways for a person!

Final word:

  As a starter, one will not feel like doing it!  That's one of the fights! It's important to practice being consistent by speaking to that situation! Like for example: "  Situation, you are temporary!  You are moved! No hinderance will be  stop me from my destination! I have peace and joy! Who do you think you messing with? Situation, you are to change!"

I hope that all of you were blessed by this post! Until the next blog, be safe and take care! Have a blessed evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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