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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't give up the fight: speak to the obstacle or the situation Part II

Hello everyone, I have returned for the second time this week with this subject! Basically, I am so glad that my relative reminded me about  speaking to the obstacle or the situation because I am starting to apply it to my daily life!

Just as most of you know from the last blog most that I had written previously,  I  had to leave my 2nd job very early due to slow work!  I beginned to shift and speak against certain situations in my own life! For the last 2 mournings before going to my 2nd job, I  started to speak with boldness by faith to the situation of not going home early! 

Even though it was a fight of my mind and fleshly body,  I have started  to have sucess with this techinque!  Each mourning it has worked for me!  When I was on my first job, I kept telling myself in my mind  that I am not going home early!  I was so happy and grateful for doing this self-help technique, which I speak to situations and speak things in existence by faith that I desire to see happen!

Although  I have told  viewers and vistors of this blog that I have using the techinque of being grateful during a rough situation, but I realized that lessons can be learned in the mist of obstacles and situations!

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't exemply that most people will have feelings of discouragement during rough test! Sometimes,  most people will get tired down the road!

Years before I discovered about speaking to obstacles and situations, I would get discouraged and down because of certain situations and tests in my own life! Most situations in my life got worse before  it became better!  Sometimes, it felt like I was existing rather than living and enjoying life to the fullest!

 It was hard for me to smile and be happy very quickly! I was the person who was extremely serious and didn't mind telling other people this statement - " I smile for no person! If there isn't anything to smile! I  am not surely smiling for you!"

In the mist of going through intense situations and trials in my life, I used to encourage and help other people who were hurting while I was hurting myself! At the same time, I still had strength to keep going!  While going through situations, I felt like there was no type of way out! Years before I discovered  self-help book called the secret, I read  other self-help and personal development  books ! Out of reading those self- help books, it still didn't speak to me, it was bleak,and didn't find the answer in what I was looking for!  Have you ever felt like that!? Probably so! I can relate to you!

It's frustrating when you're hurting and in your own pain, but you're giving out your heart and soul to other people to build them up!  It sometimes feels like a ripping and tearing going on inwardly, but at the same time,  By going through obstacles and situations,  most of you probably felt stronger inwardly than before! Or most of you probably  couldn't take another day of the obstacle or situation! At the same time, you kept on going and fighting!


Even though I have  noticed sucess  so quickly,  it doesn't always mean that all situations will change over night!  I have realized that lesson! Then too, I also  realized it was my thought patterns of my way of seeing the situtation! In what mean my thoughts, I am saying to the readers that change  always begins with your way of thinking!

In contrast, by what I have spoken to the audience, it probably leads to the question-  can I trust Tyler in what he's telling me even though I have been hit so hard by life!? That's the first thing you are probably asking yourself! I would too if I was a visitor reading this blog! 

Neveretheless, it depends how much you're focused in your mind! In other words, you have shfited and focused your thoughts  every day that the situation will change! The more one speaks and dwells on it, you will begin to see change in you!  With most people, it might be a slow process  and not happen overnight, but it will take some work to keep their mind focused!

Sometimes, certain situations or obstacles that will fight hard after speaking to it! In other words, that certain obstacles and situation can get worse before it gets better!   You probably have wondered- why do certain obstacles and situations do that?   In my opinion, the objective of the obstacle or situation is for you to give up the fight and not keep focused!


I encourage  all people to speak to their situations in life! It might not be easy! Focus and be agressive at it! When one does that, they will find sucess! It might be overnight, but if you keep focused, it will happen!

Until the next blog!Be safe and havee a blessed night!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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