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Monday, October 11, 2010

The art of practicing to be positive in every negative situation

 This is a topic that I have thought about for today, which it was on my mind!  Being positive in every situation is not always an easy task, but it takes a lot of practice and determination to act positive in every situation. 

The reason why I say that it's not always an easy task because  of the intensity of a bad situation!  Most trials and  situations  can cause a person to be knocked out, which it causes him or her to be negative for that certain time! 

With most people, there has been previous situations and trials that occured in their lives until they cannot help but to be  negative towards every situation.This leads to their confidence  to be damaged or to be extremely low!

 Therefore, it hard and difficult to change the way that most people think towards life and every situation. They have been enduring negative or bad things occuring in their lives as if it's a repetitive process!

My reason for saying this these things because I have been there in my own life!  I want to start out telling others about my own start to be positive!

My own start to be positive

I  was one of those people who was negative at one point, but more angry all the time!  I never smiled when situations or came up in my own life!  Every time a negative situation came up, I found nothing to smile nor be positive about!  There were times that people still come up to me and tell me to smile!
Even though I didn't like it, but I knew that I had to make an adjustment to my own attitude! I will tell you that it was not easy making the adjust, it took me years to start practice to be positive towards a situation. 

In what I mean by that, I will smile and get excited about something, and then all of a sudden, I get disappointed because it didn't turn out as I thought that it should be! After being disappointed so many times, I had realized that I have to learn how to be positive during disapppointed or an intense situation! In order words, I started practicing how to be positive during those turns of disappointment or a situation!

The moment I discovered the dvd and the book the secret by word of a relative of mine, my way of thinking and process of being postive are way much better! However, I am still in the process to be positive in every situation!  I will also admitt that  there has some situations have made me angry,but it doesn't keep me angry for a very 2 or 3 weeks  or months, and  I still learn a lesson out of the situation!

Just as I told the readers about the post that I had written previously about  not allowing bills to kill my joy: my lessons learned,  I was angry for a moment, but I didn't allow it to kill my joy, and I learned my lessons out of that main situation!

Final word:

For those who find it hard to be positive in a situation! I can understand because it probably that you have been hurt so much or disappointed in the past!  It's a practice to be postive every day! 

As for me, I have to fight against negative thoughts when they show up!  How I do that,  I begin to speak and  think of the good things to grateful about! There will be sometimes that you're own flesh will be lazy and don't want to speak postive words! The reason why I say this because it happens to me!  Be determined to be positive and fight against those negative thoughts!

I would like to hear from you to comment on this post! How do you feel about being positive? What do you think? How have you felt lately?

Until the next blog! Be safe! Have a great and a blessed evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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