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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Short encouragment to people to stay focused on your goals

This is rarely that I have written a second blog during the week! I will start writing 2 times a week! However, I have a word of encouragement for those who are having trouble staying focused on their goals! Sometimes, it might be negative people or situations that probably have thrown you off track! I have learned that in the mist of  those situations and negative people that it's an objective for them to put you out from being focused!

However, I have a short word of encouragment! Continue to stay focused on your goals, the things that are your passion! Sometimes, one cannot even tell other people about what your goals are! This is due to of how people will think, " Well that's impossible!"  I want to encourage you any goal that you have! It's possible to acheive when you are focused! Just as I written about your focus is your faith, that's where one will begin to have the law of attraction bring those things to you due to focus!Keep speaking it out loud! Keep focused! Keep pursing and being determined that your goal will be brought to past! What you continue to focus on, it will be manifested in your life on the right timing! Don't focus on the negative people who says that- it's not possible. I challenge you to use that  as a  form of working more harder and being more focused than before! The greatest revenge is to proof them wrong! When negative people says that you cannot, they really told you that you can!  When that day comes, you can be the person who  has accomplished that goal or goals!

Final word:

I encourage you to stay focused on your goals and objectives in life! Sometimes, most people don't need to know what you are doing! Always tell a person whom you can trust with your goals and objectives that you want to acomplish in life! Until the next blog! Be ecouraged! Stay safe! Have a great day and night!

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