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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Personal encourgement for college graduates who are discouraged at job searching in their field or going another route

 This topic  I felt that a lot of college graduates  need ecouragement from their frustrations  in job searching in their field! After graduating college, it have been a tough road to find a job in your field! While in the mist of the search,  family members or so-called friends come to pressure you because you have not find a job in your field!  This I can tell you can get discouraging!

At  first, you  probably thought  most family members or so-called friends are supposed to be understanding due to a very rough ecomony, but they aren't! Why is this? This is not because most of them want the best! If they wanted the best for a person, they would encourage you that it would work out and keep believing, not pressuring you! Usually, most of them are caught up in a reputation attitude of pride rather than being a help or an ecourager!

  However, it might be your passion to work for someone else! Some of you want to work for some else in what you love to do!!Most of you have sent your best and powerful resumes to majority of good paying jobs, but still major rejection!  Sometimes those rejections can be-  well you're not qualified! You don't have the years of experience that the good paying job is looking for! You have the degree, but this person had a better resume! Your resume is good, but it doesn't meet all of our standards or requirements!  Too, most people probably thought that they put a good interview in front of the recuriter; and then the recuriter promises to call them back, but doesn't at all! These things can get frustrating! Sometimes, most of you wonder- "What in the world am I  doing wrong?!" Sometimes, most of you want to tell those recuiters,  "can you see that I am good worker!?You would love me if I got in there and done the job!  These are these that we want to express our feelings to the recuiters! Don't be discouraged! You continue to have faith and  it will happen! Sometimes, it can be a test of our patience and endurance in those situations! I encourage you to find a good paying job that you love and passionate about!One that you love to do! Not one that you are not happy at, or a good paying job where you are being pressured by family members to get into- and then you're not happy at that good paying job!


   Or maybe after graduating from college, you discovered your passion and decided to take another route to be sucessful!  This could be self-employement or creating your own job that you're good at! In the mist of not pursing your field and finding your passion in something, most  family or so-called friends  pressure and  really discourage you!  it can get discouraging and frustrating because most of you have to deal with family, friends, and acquantices in a day to day basis! Most of you  have probably caught a lot of fire with some relative or so-called friends.

    Also maybe after graduating from college, you decided to take another route and didn't want to work for another person, but you wanted to be self-employed ,or work for yourself at something that you love to do! Those things were probably your heart's passion and goal! In the mist of going after self-employement or working for yourself in what you love to, most of you  probably learned and received a revelation that working for  someone else is not stable or secure due to a rough ecomony! In other words, most of you discovered that any good paying job can layoff or close down at any time because the record high of layoffs! Some of you probably decided to take that route due to a rough ecomony!

 Then too, Some of you might be working for someone else, but behind closed doors, you are planning your way of escape in order to pursue your passion to work for self! You know  your heart that you have a passion for self-employement in what you love to do!

 I want to encourage those who decided to take another route to be self-employed, which doing what they love to do! Don't allow family members or so-called friends to discourage you just because they don't understand it! The thing is, they won't understand what you are doing! By them not understanding why you did what you have done;they sent out vibes to you- " Well, I am disappointed in you! I thought you were going to do something with yourself! I thought you were going to get a good paying job in your field! Even though most of you have heard these statements, most of you probably have felt guility, or to go back and search for a job in your field in order to satisfy them! At the same time, most of you were not happy and knowing it was not your passion at hear.
Some of you have heard of  those phrases being told into your face or behind your back! Or sometimes, some family members or so-called friends will send vibes or negative energy to let you know that  you're not going to do any thing in life! They're not doing any thing with their degree, they won't become anything in life!  I want to tell you don't be discouraged by family members or so-called friends! Especially family members, don't be discouraged by them!  Family members will understand what you're doing! They have not caught the revelation that this world is changing and the system of it! They haven't learned that college isn't the only way to success! Some people might be offended, that's fine!

Final word:

Don't let the negative words of people sink in! I learned this! People will talk about you until the day that you pass away! Even if you don't have the job you want, or the dream that has not come to past yet!  Overall, I would like to encourage you to pursue your dream in life! Pursue that good paying job, or self-employement! Don't get discouraged by family members or so-called friends! Let them talk their garbage, you continue to take action and have faith!

However, until the next blog! Be safe!Have a blessed evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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