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Friday, September 24, 2010

People who enjoy being single: Are you pressured by other people to get into dating or marriage

Hello everyone! Before I get into the subject, I want to address that I am going to try to blog two times a week to keep to have new and fresh information! This is something I want to focus on, but at the same time, I don't want to present bogus or boring content to the readers out there! I know that I blog once a week because I don't want to give any readers the same old self-help or personal development junk!

This blog post that I decided to do because I seen  self -help question in regards of relationship! This question that I had seen that a person who is single, but is constantly getting pressure from relatives!  In order words, the relatives wanted him to rush and get into dating and become married! This bothers me because I could tell by the question that he presented that dating and marriage were not as heart's desire of his! As in fact, he wanted to enjoy to be single!  He was allowing his relatives to get to him, and bother him! He felt that he rushed to get a girl, he would not had to be bothered by them! Even though I don't know the his whole story when I was reading the question, but by the question, I could tell!

Does it bother you Tyler when people pressure you and ask questions about dating:

Before going further in the blog, as most of the readers and subscribers probably know that I am single! Even though I am single and close to 30 years old, I have been asked these questions, " Are you looking for a girl! Have you got a girl yet? Where is your girlfriend at?" These types of questions that people have asked me!  These types of questions I don't let people worry me with those questions!  It doesn't bother me! I will tell them the truth that I don't have a girlfirend! With me, I enjoy the single life! Every day, I see being single as an opportunity to enjoy and not  as being a heavy burden! I see being single as a blessing, not as a method of being alone! To me, being single does not mean being alone! What I mean by that, single people can still have best friends whom they can contect with!  I have realized the majority of  people who are dating and are married who asked those questions- they don't enjoy or happy their date or marriage at all! Sometimes, the majority of people who ask those questions, they want to be nosy so that they can gossip to the other person.

My own  short stories to relate to single people who are going through:

 There was one sunday afternoon a couple invited and took me out to lunch! I will admitt that the catfish place that I ate for lunch, it was very good!  After we ate lunch, The woman asked me the question,  " Have you got a girlfriend yet?!"  I reponded back," No!"  She asked me, " How come!?"   I told her that " The reason why becuase I am not in a big rush! I am enjoying myself being single! If it comes, it will come! I will leave it "  She said to me, " That's a good thing to not be in a big rush! "   After that, the conversation was much over with!

The second one was dealing with relatives, I am not going to disclose the relatives name or if it's a he or she!  However, there was a word or question that got back to one of my relatives concerning why I was single! The question and word that this relative told me, " Why was I single! You look young and too fine for your age to stay single! A girl should be talking to Tyler about now!"  To me, I took most of the part as a compliment! Later on, I was wondering why that relative was wondering about me being single! Therefore in the story, I am not by many means trying to brag about my looks!  

My word to single people:

  I really know how it feels to be single and want to enjoy it! Sure enough, there will be some people who will get on your nerves about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend! Sometimes, if you don't feel dating or marriage it as a desire in your heart, don't go for it and enjoy being single! Just don't do what everyone else is doing, if it's not a passion or desire in your heart! The reason why I say that is because marriage  and dating is supposed be about passion and excitement, not about being a burden.

  If you enjoy being single, but have a passion for friendship! Don't allow people to take away your joy and excitement of being single!  Just because you are happy being single, you don't have to allow others to make you feel down and guilty just because you are not dating or married! 

  Bascially, the majority of people who pressure others to get married, most of them are not  happy and excited about their marriage or dating!In my opinion, if a couple don't have a passion or excitement for their spouse or their date! There's something wrong with that picture! The reason why I say that is because marriage and dating is supposed be about passion and excitement, not about being a burden.  I am sorry, if that offends, it's fine by me!

Final word:

I will say to single people who don't have a desire or passion for marriage! Relax and enjoy it because you might have a passion for a close friend! Don't be bothered by the pressures of relatives or other people!  Let those relatives or other people be mad, your relationship status doesn't truly define their happiness! It's like a relative of mine told me - when a person is deeply angry at you; the truth comes out of them, and their true selves come out! 

I hope that those who are single enjoyed reading this blog! Until the next blog! Be blessed! Be safe! Have a blessed night!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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