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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not allowing bills to kill my joy: my lessons learned

Personal note: Hello everyone! This week's topic  was inspired by me because I learned my lessons this week  while I was on a 3 days off from work, and also learned a lesson last week!  In other words, I have a story to tell behind this! The reason I am telling this story is not because of throwing a compassion trip to give a donation, I am not for that, but to the desire to relate to other people who think that they are alone in the similiar situation.

Moreover, I believe that  most people will be able to relate to my own story because it's a struggle to endure such situations! I am not going to lie when bills pile up or increasing up a certain rate - we want to throw a fit and take out our anger on other people!

 Even though we pay on time, it seems that something else come up on default!  It seems crazy and upseen!  Most of us ask questions to ourselves," Where in the world did rate on the bill come from?! How did I attract this bill unexpected? I practice being positive and contrentrate on the good, but how did I attract this unexpected bill? Why did they unexpectedly take money out of my account and I was deceived like this? How did this happen?! "   Too, I have been asking myself these questions on how did I attract this stuff by default! Out of asking all these question, my lessons learned as I tell my story!

My story of an unexpected bill

During the start of the year 2010, I spoke with the lender to lower the monthly rates  concerning my loans that I took out of college! In the mist of that negiotation, one of the representatives decided to put me under a rebiliation program to get out of default with my loans! In other words,I was under contract with them to pay a certain amount of payments to get out of default!

 As I had help from a relative for some months, and then I took over for the time period after I recieved employment! As those months went by, I faithfully paid those payments! When the last mouth came by to get finish my program, I became excited and relieved for my transfer of the loan for much lower payments!  Even though I didn't not contrentrate on that bill nor other of my bills at the time, I begin to concentrate more on the positive and abudance coming my way! In other words, I wasn't allowing little piety things destroy my focus at all!

Last week on friday, I came back from work that evening! I was feeling so good and  excited that evening! In my mind,  I thought that I was done with payments from the rebiliation program from my loans so that they could get transfered to direct loans for much lower payments each mouth! I  see the mail on the bed and I seen the card! My reaction that I was saying to myself, " WTF!"   I was thinking in my mind -  how did I attract this!? I know that I don't owe this!  I was so mad and my shift changed right then and there! I told myself, " I am calling these folks tommorrow! I am going to chew them out!" The next day that's what I did! In the mist of chewing the representative out, the representative explained to me that there wasn't a payment supposed to be due for 20th of september, and he checked it, then he told me that it wasn't coming out of my checkings account! 

After the call last week, I was relieved for the moment! Days later, I went to the gas station to put in some gas in my car for that morning! Bascially, I was going to put 20 dollars in my gas tank, and when I swiped the card to pay, not all the 20 dollars went through, but only 18 dollars!  I was thinking,  Okay! What is going on? Then the lender popped up in my head immediately! I said to myself, " I am going to check online and login into my online checkings account to see what happened!"  All of sudden, when I checked my online checkings account I saw it was them who took the money! I was so hot and mad!

 I wasn't mad for the fact they took the money out of my account; I was extremely mad for the fact they lied to me! However, I called them back! I chewed the first representative out! No lie! The first repsentative was nice, and she told her manger the situation! She must have got tired of me chewing her out! She told me " Would I like to speak with my manager?!" I told her, " Yes!"  I spoke with the manager and had some words! Even though I was mad, I told her, " Don't fire that person because times are tough!" She had her words, but it made me more angry when she said, " Well, it wasn't the fact that one of our representatives lied to you,  one of our representatives was in training, we will have a talk with that representative! You're loans were transfered to Sallie Mae! You will have to talk to them!  Although I was mad - " I was saying to myself, " It just probably a cover up to make yall look professional!"  After I got off the phone, I felt convicted of my behavior! I was mad and still told a couple of  people after that! Even though I don't complain a lot today as I did in the past, I complained that day because of that situation!

 After I calmed down 5 hours later, I made the decision to forgive the lender for lying to me ! I said to myself, " Even though they lied and took the money for the last time, it  will come back and slap them in the face !"  With me, I have this thing with people not coming clean and not telling the truth, and then they lie to me, it makes me upset! In that situation, the representative didn't not come clean with me and tell me the truth! That what made me upset!

In contrast, some of you out there saying, "Tyler!" - "What in the hell are you thinking!? You're better than me! It couldn't have been me!  I wouldn't let those jokers slide by taking my money from me out of my account! Those folks would have a lawsuit on their hand if they stole from me like that, after I had finished their program! You're crazy "Tyler"!  That's understandable by me! Some people react different than others!

Most of all, the first lesson that I have learned was forgiveness and mercy in that matter of being lied to!  That was important because I didn't want to hold a grudge for something like that! At the end, I saw it as a mistake that they made! I told myself," I will give mercy when a situation arise like that!"

The transfer of my loans

Just after I chewed out my previous lenders that day, that evening, I recieved a letter in the mail from Sallie Mae! They had a warm welcome letter! I am thinking in my mind, " No problem!"  As I was reading on, I saw  from my new lender of how much I owed the first mouth! The moment that I saw what the payment was- I felt a little angry and mad!  For 2 days, I felt like that how is this going to get paid! Too, I felt that someone was speaking evil over me!

This week, I had 3 days off from work for this week! As for my get away, I went  to visit my best friend! As I was down there, I realized that this bill trying to kill my joy while enjoying my visit! I begin to shift my thoughts  and speak right words over myself! After I done that, I felt way much better and focused back where I needed to be! I spoke to myself that bills will not kill my joy! Every now and then, those thoughts of worry would come back! I had to fight it by speaking and praying in order to get my thoughts shifted into the right direction! It was a fight to keep my mind focus that something good is coming out of this!

After the 3 day visit, I drove back to work! Before I went to work, I called my new lenders to settle the dispute, but at the same time, I focused that good will come out! I negiotated with the representative and  she  was so merciful and understanding! The representative lowered my cost by a lot in what I owed, and put me on a 24 month plan to pay that same price each mouth! I was so happy!

After I was done talking to that representative, I learned another lesson in order to receive mercy and forgiveness, mainly is to give mercy and forgiveness!

 After that situation,I learned so much! I  continue to focus that something good will come out of an unexpected situation will work out for my good and not to worry about it! I will confess, it's a process for me and it's not easy the first time one!

I also learned that I attracted a much worse situation than the previous one just because of being angry and upset! In other words, the law of attraction was in effect due to my focus! 

The mystery of the unexpected bill

As for the unexpected bill from the previous situation, I still have questions about it! It remains a mystery to me of why did it show up!? At first, I think  it was to test my character and atttitude! Deep down inside, it's something deeper than that! I know that I will understand later on!

Final word:

I want to confess to the  readers!  Bills are like leeches as if it sucks the joy out of a person!I am not going sit here and lie to you that it's not an overnight changing process! It takes time to focus off  bills into believing that it's going to work out! It's not an easy process when being buried by bills! It takes work in order to shift your thinking in that situation! No lie! You can work on shifting your focus that it will workout for your good and that bills will not kill your joy! Where you're focus is, mainly is what will bring into manifestion! I hope that you enjoyed my story and was blessed by it!

Until next blog, be safe! Be blessed! Have a great evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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