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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The fights of not complaining in a situation

Hello everyone!  I know that I am a little late by blogging!  This topic that I am going to introduce to you, a lot of people can relate to, and I can relate to this also! This is because I have done it just as others in particualar situations! At previous times, I felt like that I could not help but to gripe and complain whenever a situation or something happened!  When some situation came up or if someone made me extremly mad, I would go find a person to complain or gripe to.  Sometimes when I got done fussing and complaining to that person, I would go to the next person, which it depended on what happened that day! A lot of them would get off the phone with me, or get away from me! As of today, I have gotten way much better when the situtation comes up because I learned if it can be fixed, or what am I supposed to learn out of this- there was a waste and time to complain! Every once and a while, it will come out! Now, I contrentrate to be postive and not complain! I am grateful for my changes throughout the years!

      I will be for real with you by what I fence to say, which we know that it's true!  We know when a situation arises or something shows up, we complain  or gripe about that situation or matter! At the same time, it's an impluse or a fight inside of our emotional and mental state!  Or sometimes, there could be a negative thought or something from the past that causes us to want to complain! Or sometimes, we can just look for something little to complain or fuss about!  Or sometimes, there could be something that has stretched in our inner most being and we just complain or fuss! Or sometimes, it could be  that we become tired during a trial or situation! It becomes difficult while going through very intense situations, which it damages our confidence or faith that everything is going to be alright! The reason why I say that because I have been there in my life in that area! I could complain up a storm! And usually, I would be more angry after I complained, and the situation just was made worse after I complained about it! 

 People don't enjoy being around complainers:

   I am going to point out  that nobody likes or enjoys to be around a person who constantly gripes, fuss, and complain! The reason why because it draws people away and not wanting to come around! If you notice, a person who are constant  complainers and like to  fuss and gripe,they are people who loves to raise hell all the time!They run people away, or out of the house! And then next, the same people who ran away from the complainer, they say,  " I am not going over there! I don't want to be around that particular person!"  The reason I know because I was at that point! I am not going to leave myself out with all the readers who struggle with complaining!

   Don't get me wrong the majority of people who are gripes, fuss, and complain- they were influenced by people who've done the same thing! However, they say a statment in their mind- "I see the people around me doing it!  I am going to do it also!"  In other words, they were around other people who done the same thing!  The more the years that they have been around that group of people who complained, fussed, or raisedhell - It becomes as a struggle not to complain and fuss! Same with me, it was a process for me, and I noticed a lot of changes in myself!

Final word:

  Even though we have certain struggles in our lives, we can always endure and make the changes that need  to be made!  For those who complain, think about all the people who don't enjoy our company because it draws that person away! In my own life, I was drawing and running people away due to my constant fussing and complaining! After discovering the secret, I realized that complaining, fussing and hell-raising is not good for the soul and mind!

 But overall, complaining and hell-raising is a bad attitude!Usually, it can be simple stuff!  To add to this, our attitudes rather it's good or bad, it's a reflection of our character!

  In contrast, I thank you for reading this blog! Until the next blog, be safe, be blessed and have a great evening!

 Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan

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