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Monday, September 6, 2010

The art of focus is one main key to faith

I want to say to every one happy labor day! I hope everyone is having a great labor day and that all is well! Bascially, I don't think I have written on an holiday before, I am excited about this topic because  I  have been studying about  applying the law faith from the biblical stand point of view! For those who are not of the christian faith, I am using an example from the bible to help a person understand and apply how to use unwavering faith so that one can  attract the postive  not  the negative! Not as for a religious debate, but to use as an  example to have  a person see that  the art of focus is the key of faith!

     Among reading  from a biblical point of view, as most of you  know that the book and DVD called " the sercet" really changed my aspect of thinking and  it introduced me of how to apply the law of faith into attracting things into my life!  This is what introduced me of how to apply faith by thoughts and actions!  Every since applying the secret, I have noticed  some changes in my own self that I  discovered! It's a product that I  truly recommend to the readers because it shows how to apply faith in order to attract the positive! I have discovered that faith comes with action and being grateful!

Focus as a biblical example to us to apply faith:

  After reading the book and watching "the secret" on DVd, I dicovered that faith is a  work of action and being grateful.  In addition, I really discover that another main key that brings things in manifestion or attracting situations to a person, that is focus!  Focus is the main thing to what is a person bringing into their lives into manifestion! While discovering about the art of focus,  I compare this to a scriptural example text in the bible  in one of the four gospels, which is in Matthew 14 :25-31.  This explains where the disciples of  Jesus were on a boat in a storm, they were fearful and thought that they seen a Ghost! Jesus reveals himself as the ghost to fear not! The other disciples decided not to get of the boat, but peter did after hearing Jesus say - " Come"!  As the text revealed in  further chapter 14  in verse 29, Peter got out the boat and walked on water, this verse indicates that he thoughts were strongly focus to get to Jesus! In other words, his consistant thoughts were as his focus! His faith begin to be unwavering, which he was focused towards the positive, which was Jesus! Further in the scripture in verse 30, his consistant thoughts and focus begin  to shift right when the boisterous wind appeared! His thoughts and his focus begin to be on the wind,which caused him to be afraid and call out for help.The wind as how it was revealed  to me, It was revealed to me   that  a negative enivorment and people can get us off course to doubt and to focus on unbelief, or a negative situation that causes one to tremble and not believe that the thing will not manifest! We can observe further in verse 31 of Matthew 25 th chapter that Jesus ask him-" why did you doubt"?

The example for this biblical reference  is that- what is your focus? What is your thought life continues to focus on?! What you're contining to dwell on, it is your faith that is making it come as a reality! In other words, your thoughts of thinking about it over and over again  become as a feeling! This where the law of attraction will become at work when we begin focus and feel  it, or continue to see as visions  before our eyes!  Every day, our focus is putting the law of attraction at work concerning events and things in our lives! It's not mainly the intention that put the law of attraction in effect, it's our focus in what we dwell that puts the law of attraction at work! Some events might not happen right then and there, but the law of attraction will slowly put those events and people for the future, and it depends on how much we are focused on the positive or negative!

 While in the mist of focus positive or desiring what you want, there are sometimes  a challenge happen, which mean the timing of it to manifest! The challenges are based  the character of how determined we are for that thing to come to pass!

Situation in my own life:

My own life, I griped, complained,and fussed until the cows came home! I was good at fussing because it was  until  most people would sometimes get off the phone with me! They would say, " I have to go!"  There would be sometimes I would complain and fuss until it got me angry! After fussing at one person, I went for another person to complain and fuss about!  I did this when I got so angry at this person about what he said,I rolled in my green grand am and got home! I got on that phone and start complaining, yelling, and fussing to one of my track teamates in college! My track team mate got off the phone with me due to my constant fussing, yelling, and complaining!After calling that person, I called a relative of mine to complain about what happened! Same thing, I was fussing and complaining,my relative got off the phone with me in a hurry! After I went in the house, one of my roomates asked me, what happened? They heard me yelling and complaing!" I told him I didn't want to talk! I focused on what happened that day, if I would have fussed and complain to him, he would have left the house! After that incident, more unknown situations would come up in my own life, I would just complain and murmur about! It didn't do anything but made the situations much worse! I would get more negative and angry than before, which I was attracting more negative situations in my own life! It caused me to be full of doubt and having a lack of confidence! When I complain and fuss, I didn't smile! I tell you the truth readers, I didn't like to smile period!

      There were times that I would fuss and complain to others about people telling me to smile and stop being serious! It extremly irriated me! I would tell some people " If you don't like it, you take a hike  and hit the road jack,and leave me the hell alone! "What is he point of smiling if there is nothing to smile about?!"  I focused  on that a lot, people keep on telling me to smile- forget them!  At the time, I didn't know that I attracted more people who told me to smile, which made me more irriated than before!  I would have my own convictions, but when I was introduced to the secret by a relative of mine: it changed my thinking a whole lot! It woke me up about the more one complains more situations will be attracted to me to complain and fuss about;and how to strive to be positive and apply faith! I allowed my focus not to complain and fussing! After changing my focus on being positive, and not fussing and complaining, I've noticed the changes in myself! However,it doesn't mean that I rarely get angry,because I do, which we are human beings and we are going to get angry at one point at time! I am way better than I was before now!

Final word:

I want to ask- what is your focus? Is it on the positive or negative! My situation in my own life, I didn't know that I attracting the negative, which caused me to fuss over again!I noticed that faith is what can cause positive manfiestions in one's life if he or she can apply their focus on the right things. I ecourage you that you are a winner and never lose focus at what you are trying to accomplish! If you put your mind to it, you can do it by faith! Until the next blog, be safe, have a blessed day or evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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