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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it wrong to keep secrets from individuals or family members

 Hello everyone I am back! I took 2 weeks off from blogging, which I have been refreshed now! I still apologize for not  blogging to lastest subscribers the week before guest posting! Last week as all vistors or subscribers have seen, there was a guest post from Tisha Doston that I felt that needed to be heard by a lot of people!  Thank you for  being patience!  Therefore, I have got an interesting blog to talk about! Hold on to your seat belts

 My inspiration for writing this post:

  I was inspired to do  this post because I was in a conversation today with my best friend about this issue!  This is concerning secrets! This article presented to you- are secrets wrong to keep from one in a relationship or family members!? Every family or person has their secrets that they don't want others to know about! Don't get me wrong, I have my own secrets in my life also! Therefore, I don't want to exclude myself, and act like I don't have secrets because I do! I am going to be real, we don't like revealing our secrets whom we cannot trust!

    Hang on tight, I am going to keep it real with people! Below in what some of the expressions  that I have been told or what I have heard, and probably you have been told or heard this! Too, the things I am going to say below, " you can probably relate to!"

Here the certain expressions:

1. Why are you so sercetive?

2  Why are you trying to hide this?

3. This family is so secretive!

4 They never talk, which they are always quiet?!

Is right keeping secrets from the family:

Even though we have heard these expressions above, this leads to the question that I want to bring out! Is it wrong for trying to keep secrets in the family?! In my opinion "No!" - (only if family members don't tell a child about their real mother or father,- that's totally wrong! that's something a child needs to know!) Or a wife or husband is cheating behind closed doors on their spouse- " That's wrong!"One might ask me the question,  "What if a family member doesn't mention to relatives about an unknown brother, sister, nephew,niece, aunt, or uncle that he or she has to other relatives!?" This one might sound wrong, but it's very tricky! Some people will be suprised and excited to discover that  they have an unknown brother,sister, nephew, niece, aunt, or uncle! They don't feel that it was wrong! After discovering or knowing about it, they desire to start a relationship! With other people who discover that unknown brother, sister, nephew, niece, aunt, or uncle: they will be affected about it!They will feel like it was wrong!  This one can go hand and hand!   One would  still ask me, Tyler! Would you still think it was wrong for not letting the relatives know about that unknown brother, sister, nephew, niece! Before I answer that, some of you will strongly disagree! That's fine by me because every person is different!  I say " no!"  The main reason why most people who hide that their daughter or son because of  an hidden affair or not being married, most of them  use wisdom whom they can trust! Most of them ask themsleves- should I tell this relative about it!? Can  I trust this relative!" In other words, they use wisdom to go to the relative who has earned their trust! they know in their hearts which relatives who cannot be trusted! Too, a lot of them hide it because they have fear of losing their family!

Other secrets- are they wrong:

Besides family, other people keep secrets from other inviduals concerning other things! Some people might keep a secret about their income or how much money that they make! That one is very understandable by me! Most people who has a good income, they know what I am talking about!   Other people might keep secrets about making a mistake in their past! Other people will keep secrets about how good they are in sports! This could be in track and field, baseball, basketball, football or other sports  Other individuals will keep sercets about what they know how to do!This is another one is very understandable by me! Other people keep secret of what they know about, and don't want other to know!  Other people keep secrets about their sexually! Other people don't want others to know that they speak more than one language!Overall, a percentage of people do this because they have a reason behind it! Also,they know that a good majority of individuals could not handle it! Too, they will have a big mouth and tell others! Too, it's not wrong to keep all these secrets about those things  that I have mentioned above! 

When most people keep a secret or don't want to disclose something, they hate people asking questions about it! It makes them unconfortable!  Most individuals don't respect,but keep on insisting for that person to tell them! That's a form of not respecting that person's privacy! Nosy people are good at doing this! Nosy people don't like to work and earn for a person's trust at all! This will lead to my word to nosy people

My strong word to talkative and nosy people who are haters of quiet people

 Before I go into this, I will not sugercoat! I am just trying to keep it real! It may sound harsh to some people who are nosy! I will add this,there some sercets that are not supposed to be told! This is only unless a person has earned and worked for individuals' trust! Get this straight, you talkative and big mouth people who are haters of quiet people! I have a  strong word for you! Trust is worked and earned for, not handed! If one doen't want to work and earn a person's trust- take a hike out of that person's personal life, and quit faking like you're curious!  Just like money- is it always handed? No! Just like trust, it's worked and earned for, not handed easily!What gives you the right to get so mad when a quiet person refuses dish out everything? Thinking that you will not earn and work for their trust, that's foolish!  In addition, Just becaus nosy person's  personality is talkative; it doesn't give he or she the right to try and  change the  personality a person who likes being quiet!

Final word

 Always remeber to know whom to tell your secret! Everyone don't need to know! The only ones that need to be told are the ones who have worked and earned for your trust! Like me, I ran track and field! However, I didn't enjoy telling my times to people because that lead to a whole lot of questions! My main lesson is that tell your secrets to individual who is close and has earned your trust! I learned a person who talks to much, is the person that need to be watched!

However, until the next blog! Be safe!Have a blessed evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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