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Friday, August 6, 2010

Have you learned your lessons after a tough situation or trial

 This subject will not  be brought up to which it will probably offend a lot of people! That's fine by mine! This is something in our society today that a lot of people never seemed to learn, or tell themselves that they are not going act that way towards others after a tough situation or trial!

  Even though most people will tell others to check their attitude during the tough situations or trials, but there are not many people who don't speak to others their lessons learned from that trial or situation in order to have compassion and understanding for other people's stake! This means that  most people don't learn their lesson  after going through  their tough situation  and trial.

  After this happens, the same person come along in the same  similiar situation as them! In order words,they tend to forget their previous trail or situation what happen , nor learn those lessons from the trial or situation to develop compassion or understanding for other individuals ! After not learning anything from their situation or trial, they tend to give other people a hard time, or in other words " make their lives a living hell"!  

  Due to how other people gave them a hard time, they take that same influence with them to give other people a hard time! In what their mentality presents as, " Other people gave me a hard time, and  never showed me any mercy and understanding; this is the way the world  and people acts! However, I will act as them! There isn't a lot of people who act with mercy!" 

    Not understanding that menality will causes them to the same thing to others, which will lead to them reaping back in what they have done to others! In what this means by reaping, it will come back on a person in what they have done!  This goes with the law of sowing and reaping! They will have more situations come back to them by what they have done to other people! This goes with they complain how other people are giving them a hard time, and not allowing themsleves to check prevously what they have done to others.

Short word!

If one is going through a tough situation or trial! Learn something from that situation, and try to show understanding and compassion towards other people after going through that situation or trial! What one gives out, it will come back to him or her!

 For example, if you went through unemployement, and other people gave you a hard time while staying with them; don't act as they did, learn a lesson from it! Show understanding, mercy, and give that person time!!! If not, that might be the person that  one needs in a rough time! One never knows what will happen!

Final word

I just want to say for myself! I learned a lot of lessons during trials and situations in my life! To me, it was good for me because it made a more merciful  and grateful person! Today, I learned how to be grateful  more than all walks of life! In contrast, until the next blog! Be safe! Have a blessed day and evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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