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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why isn't good manifestations happening for me, but disappointments

    This is the question and the main concern that I want to present to the readers- this is something that has bugged so many people! This was a question that bugged me also! I want to answer this question to the honest of my ability! I really hope that this will truly answer your question!  Every thing on here is honest, I am not trying to dishonest as other people who write on this type of  self-help information! I want to begin on this subject!

Why isn't good manifestation not happening for an individual

       One  reason that  good manifestions not happening  because most people's  confidence being damaged so much by disappointment  until there isn't any expectation for any thing good to arrive in their life! Their minds are very used to disappointment until it has paralzed them into fear to believe for the good to come in their life! Sometimes, good encouragment doesn't work them!  Sometimes, most of them need a stable and caring person to bounce back  so that they can believe the best for their life!

    Another reason why manfestions don't happen for most people because most people focus way too much on timing rather than being grateful.  With most people's mindset of quick expectation, they wanted very quick as possible and  landed in disappointment  as the end result! In other words, with most people, they depend on it to happen on a certain period, day,or year!  I am not trying to say that expectation is wrong, which people should have expectations, but  most individuals do  here in their area of expectation - they rush timing on a thing to manifest, or have a person  isn't doing this right in the relationship,or most people didn't get the perfect partner or friend in the relationship! =( I want to say this, "nobody's perfect, and every person has a different personality! If every person had the same personality, then the world be boring!) Not trying to offend anyone! Overall, these things at the end can lead to disappointment rather than finding something to be grateful about that person! To add to this, what is the hurry as mentioned below?!

Why do people rush the timing on manifestion
1. Some people might be in tough situation where they need it now! Their mind cannot help,but rush the timing of it!
2. Sometimes, there might be pressure from other people where they might be put in a position, but to rush! They feel their time is running out!

    How can I get a good manfestation to happen

        Contrary from that, it's important to replace the timing of expectation with being grateful! When a person has gratefulness, the great feeling of it at first, but the more he or she  speaks of what their grateful about, then he or she will feel good! A person's thoughts is shifted towards that he or she believed that it's there now, not on timing!Note, a person has to be consistant and patient acting grateful every day!  These good feelings doesn't always arrive overnight!  In order for some manifestions to happen, there is some type of work or action required while feeling good inside, that feeling has to be strong!  I want to say to you, not all manfestations isn't an overnight thing!!! A person has to be dedicated  to speak every day -- what he or she is grateful about! I will say that it takes dedication and commitment in order to speak  so that the creation of those good feelings can occur inside of oneself!

Lack of gratefulness in society

     Therefore, the thing that our society has lacked is gratefulness, which leads to appeciation in our society today! Therefore, most people don't even appreciate the little and great things that  others do for them! Most people can complain and be piety about little stuff! To me, most people can complain and act piety over dumb stuff, which is simple stuff!   I believe  that gratefulness need to come back in society  as a whole! I am not saying that all people are ungrateful, but overall, there is so much ungratefulness!

Short lesson about what I learned

The thing is that I have learned that being grateful can be the main key to believe, which leads to manifestion! Due to applying gratefulness in my own life, I have felt better and happier than what I have been feeling years ago!  Also, I want to remind all readers! I am not going to lie, applying gratefulness and being to feel good about it, which  it's not an overnight thing!

Final word

 I really hope that this has helped a person answer their question, and that if you want to talk or have questions! Don't hestiate to e-mail me, because I am just an e-mail away!  Until the next blog, be safe, stay encouraged, have a blessed day and evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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