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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Very awesome book about the law of attraction: The secret

                                    Hello everyone,  I wanted to present a very awesome book that I have read, which it was introduced to me by a relative of mine! I never presented this book because I have never talked about the law of attraction on my blog, but it has a lot to do with personal development and self-help!
     Then too, I have read  Baker's Jacinto's blog concerning the law of attraction, which he has a lot of very good posts explaining the law of attraction. I am  very glad that he introduced his post 2 weeks ago in order to be as a guest post on my blog! Thanks Baker!

     However,  This book was out nearly four years ago by which I didn't have any idea about it until now! This book is called the secret!  However, a lot of people know about this book! I want to present this book to those who don't know any thing about the secret!

            The first time that I heard the dvd and read the book! It really did a changing of my thinking! This book speaks about the law of attraction  and how the mind is a creative process! Your thoughts and feelings  are what is creating and bringing things in one's life! What a person thinks and feels inwardly is what they will attract, which it takes about how the universe moves by our consistant thoughts and feelings in what one dwells on!   However, it  mostly explains that our strong feelings weither is bad or joyous, and sometimes actions is what brings the  actual manifestion!  Reallly, it explains that the law of attraction is really obedient if something that we don't want, it comes!

      In the dvd and the book, it has different teachers speaking about the law of attraction who brings out their experiences and their thoughts concerning this law! Too, it speaks about the area of relationships, finances, and healing! 

   Overall, I loved this book! There has been certain arguements out there about this book due to what it  did and didn't say in order to help a person! To look at the book click up left- hand corner, and it leads to! I really  hope that every get and read this book! It will change your way of thinking just as it did me! I enjoy and still read this book over and over again!

Until the next blog! Be safe! Stay focused, and have a blessed and great day!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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