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Friday, July 23, 2010

The challenges in the process of manifestation

  Having spoken about last week's topic,  this will be highly focused on manifestation again! People talk about how manfestations happen in their lives!  Rarely, one will find less people who will tell about their challenges that they had to do  in order for the manifestation to happen!This is what we find rarely in our society today!Therefore, they make people think that all manifestations always happen fast and quick!  One might be saying, "Tyler, Does manifestations happen overnight!?" Sometimes it does, which depends on that person's faith, belief, focus of thoughts, and their being in alignment with the process of timing! At other times, most manifestations don't happen overnight! This is where the challenge will come in at!

 Moreover, the  process of most  manifestations do come  with challenges! It causes most people  to be tested in how much they are dedicated, determined and focused  on the thing to become as a reality! In other words, the work that most people had to dedicate themselves to change their mentality, and their dedication to immerse themselves with the right words in their soul so that they can get the good feeling of that particular thing!  Sometimes, frustrations come when a person doesn't see the manifestation as quick, which is a test of patience, which leads to their  walk of patience to be stretched! There are times that a person want to give up due to the waiting period! Depending on what  most people desire to come to pass, there are lessons learned  while waiting on the manifestation to come to pass!

In contrast, in my own life, I've had previous challenges  for certain manifestations to come to pass! As for most people who were unemployed, I had been there in my own life! I had to take action, get the vision, and the feeling of having that job! There were some frustrations  and feeling angry down the road that I had to endure while waiting!  It was not easy waiting due to questions from other people about asking about my job search! There were sometimes that I was stressed out because of my search for looking for employment! I kept pursing and declaring in order to get my faith in line so that the manfestion to happen.

    However, it took   8 mouths for the manifestation to come to pass, which was to obtain a job!Therefore, didn't give up looking nor searching at all! There were a lot of frustrating days! I look back now -waiting for the manifestation made me greatly appeciate what I have now!  I learned during the process that being patient and determined do pay off, and the longer the wait, the greater the appeciation towards that particular person or thing! I also learned that most things don't need to manifest right then and there! If it did, most people would not have a greater appeciation for it!

 Until the next blog, be safe and have a blessed evening and day!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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