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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I am Currently Learning About Manifestation (Guest post) by Baker Jacinto

  Tyler's note:   Hello everyone, this a guest post  by Baker Jacinto!  He has written  a very powerful post  that relates to personal development! His post gives a very strong outline about the power of manifestions by what he has learned!

   If any person has problems with manifestion! Take the time to soak these words! I hope that every visitor take the time to read  and enjoy his information just as I did! Enjoy the guest post!


                            What I am Currently Learning About Manifestation

                                                          By: Baker Jacinto

Many people know that I am a student of the law of attraction. I am a naturally positive person, therefore for me manifesting things has generally been a pleasant experience for me. What i choose to focus on with my thoughts, becomes my reality. I have manifested some things that have been remarkable in my life, and manifested not so great things in my life. However, I don’t easily get disappointed when something I’ve been intending for doesn’t come right away. I am getting good at recognizing my own timing in relation to the universal timing.

An example in my personal life is that I’ve been single for a long time. I have dated here and there, but there hasn’t been a lady that has come in my life that really brought something real and authentic to the table. I would meet girls I found physically attractive, but on a mental level and spiritual level it wasn’t a match.

I am learning that manifestations will appear to the person when the time is right for them to manifest. There is something you probably are desiring to manifest at this moment, but don’t seem to be getting it right now.

I have found this stems from 2 reasons primarily.

First, like I mentioned earlier the time for you to experience it just isn’t right. There may be things you still need to learn and experience before you can allow what you are intending in. This usually comes in having enough time to start clearing away every and all negative limiting belief systems that you have developed over time through social conditioning on what it is you are currently trying to manifest.

Second, the intention you want to manifest is not in alignment with who you really are. It is no secret, that most of the people who are very aligned with who they really are manifest their desires quicker than those that are not as aligned with who they really are.

In this post, I will focus on the second reason why manifestations don’t manifest quickly for most people. Manifesting with being in alignment with who you really are is what I’m currently beginning to learn more about at the moment. I have found that there is a strong connection between being who you really are, your service to others, and the speed of manifestation in your life.

Service to others, Being Who You Are, and Quicker Manifestation

When we begin to come from this place of service and helping others we begin see that our manifestations come quicker, because service to others is almost always aligned with who really are.

I have found that the things that manifest very quickly for me is when it is more in alignment of my life’s purpose to serve. Many times we get so caught up in manifesting all these things that are temporary. There is nothing wrong with this. I have done it. It works. But, once you begin to see that there are deeper things that are really of prime importance to your soul you will begin to see that at the end of the day we are all here to just serve one another.

I believe when our intent is to simply serve, we can begin to manifest whatever it is we want quicker. The reason is because what we give out we always get back. Therefore, the manifestation process begins to really speed up when we are coming from a place of good and service.

If Something Is Lacking In Your Life, Give That Something Away First

For example, if you want more money in your life, find ways to help someone else make money. The wealthiest people on earth have in some way have dramatically helped others become wealthy for themselves. If you want more love in your life, be loving to someone first. If you want more joy, bring joy to someone else first. Have you ever wondered why the most joyful and happy people are those that are continually serving others? It is because they know the simple yet highly effective concept and benefits of helping and serving others first.

What If They Don’t Recieve Value In The Service You Offer?

If someone rejects your service, it is easy to get disappointed. It easy to feel hurt and distraught the moment we find out what we are offering to someone else isn’t valued. It’s part of being human.

I get hurt sometimes when I offer something that people just aren’t ready to receive value from, but I know that it shouldn’t let me down for too long.

I know that what I am providing is real, authentic, and valuable.

Also, with my background in Sales and Marketing from being a real estate salesperson for three years, I have come to realize that for everyone 1 person that rejects the value I am sending to them there are 20 more people that would be grateful for what I have to offer. The focus shouldn’t be on the people that don’t resonate or receive the value you offer, rather the focus should be on the people that are receiving the value in the highest light possible.

Some people have asked me how I continue to see a steady growth in my blog. Well, the main reason is because I am primarly focused on providing real value first. This value is my service to the world that I offer from my heart in the form of writing books and this blog. I don’t get paid a large amount of money from writing these blogs yet, but I do get a major sense of fulfillment when someone does truly get my message and is inspired by it in some way.

However, what I am seeing now is that having the service be your true intent allows the manifestations just to feel much better as a whole. If you look back in your life, and saw the times where you were really happy, I can assume that most of those times you were very happy came when you were being of service or truly helping others in some way shape or form. When someone says to you “Thank you, what you said really helped me out through my current situation.” It really feels amazing, that you made a positive difference in that person’s life. What you will begin to see that being of service to others brings you closer to who you really are, and thus leads to quicker manifestations because you are in a space that is so aligned with the universe that good things just continue to flow into your life with ease.

Try It Out For Yourself

Begin now to find ways in which you can really be of service to others. A more simple way of looking at this is, (as I mentioned earlier) is to ask yourself, “What do I feel is lacking in my life currently?” Do you lack a feeling of peace in your life? Well, offer that same peace to another.

If it is a lack of compassion you are feeling in your life, be compassionate towards another first. These can be very small things we look over, but these simple acts begin to set manifestations for us to come faster. So, if you really wanted your manifestations to come faster, I would highly suggest focus on service to others first. As you become aligned with this idea of service first, you begin to see your intentions and desires in your experience pop up for you and manifest at lightning speeds.

Try this out for yourself, and see if there are any changes you begin to see in your life begin manifest for you coming from a place of service by giving to others what you feel is lacking in your life currently. I think you will be surprised by the results of this “service-first model” of manifestation.

Manifesting Collectively,

Copyright(©) Baker Jancito
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