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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Want to Guest post or Blog review: Submissions are available

This blog is not an new updated post in which most of audience and  readers are looking for! If a person is a blogger who loves to write on self-help information! The Guest post or Blog review is finally done! For blog visitors who probably visited this blog and noticed a coming soon sign! I want to tell you that it's finally done! Bloggers and other people who desire to guest post, the guidelines are ready! You can be a self-help author or a blogger, or just have a self-help speech to give to people! Too, if you want to guest post! Contact me!

  Blog reviews  are just only for people who desire me to check their website or blog! Go to the top of my blog and look at the guidelines! However, I will not guarantee to the blogger that it will be accepted, but it will be reviewed! 

The reason I didn't  post guildelines in the area of books!

Even though I do affilate marketing on self-help books, which I do on this site! I am going to be very honest!  I will never promote a product (book) that I have never read, I will never refer a product to my readers or visitors without giving any information on it! I promoted one novel called( A chance at life),which is was a book I read, and I believe that it will inspire a person, which I gave information based on what I have read!  

  My reason putting a post in the area of books because there is so much saturated books in this self-help  genre! I am not trying to have it as a put down, but we have heard some the stuff presented before! People are very afraid to bring up issues  that will help and inspire people in the self-help area!  Not saying that there are unique self-help  books out there, most people write self-help books what everyone else is writing!

To look  at the guidelines: Go to the top of the page, which you will see all the labels! You will see - Want to guess post or have a blog review: Guild... 

However, I will be looking foward to Guest post or blog reviews! Until the next blog! Stay safe! Be blessed! Be encouraged! Have a great day!

Copyright(©) by Tyler J.Logan
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