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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coming soon! the making of my first you tube video!

  Sorry for not putting a new post for this week! Having spoken to you earlier about making a youtube video! I have finally made my final decision, which i will have the first  youtube video based on self-help information so that one can see my personality by video! I have been working on my youtube site in order to get ready to have my first video to be posted live! Besides, I know a lot of us don't like to read, but we love to listen and hear a person rather it's on video or face to face!  However, I like to give help people based on the area of self-help, and not saturated stuff! I really have understood that people need true self-help information and not the same crap! I am thankful to my high school football teamate to give me that suggestion to do a video in order to give sound wisdom in the area of self help!  This blog post is going to be very short! I will continue to work on my youtube site in order get ready to be posted! When my youtube video is posted, you will be noticed by a blog post here so that one can listen for himself or herself! 

Until the next blog! Take care! Be blessed and have a great evening!

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