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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very powerful post by another blogger: Be open minded to each other

Hello everyone! I know that most of you guys have probably noticed that I didn't write any content for this week! I delayed my blog post because I really enjoyed another blogger's post, which I wanted to introduce to visitors and readers!

      However, I  ran across Moses Jones' (brokenblade)  blog on, which is  called Personal Growth and Relationships! However, this is a blogger that I have never heard of; at the same time, I read an article of his and I really enjoyed reading his blog post !  This article is called, " Be open minded to each other!"

This blogger written some things that becomes true in every day life! ! In what I  really enjoyed about this moses's article, we can disagree with a person in a relationship,but we can still show the heart to be open-minded and show respect towards other people! Moses brings out very  good pointer that being closed minded is a danger and a form of insecurity, which it can bring a sour and duel relationship! From this powerful post, this is something to think about while entering into a relationship or friendship! This powerful article  makes me  think that every individual can a least  try and see from that another person's prespective before going into an intense arguement!  Thanks so much Moses for posting this article because this can become a help to people who are in a sour relationship or friendships, and to allow people to think about being more open-minded!

To visit Moses Jones ( brokenblade) blog

To read his powerful post click below

Until the next blog! Be safe! Have a blessed day and evening

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