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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slow down and enjoy the time being single

 Even though I have written a blog about is there a problem being single,  this blog post  will be a little different  this time! Although I don't feel to obligated to talk about this topic, there were more things I wanted to point out here in order to help those who are single!  Being single is not always easy because society sees it as a person being alone!

Due to looking at other people dating or being married , most of them  say in their mind" I got to look for a person so that I won't be alone! That person has someone, and I need to hurry up and find someone to date or marry!" Inside of their hearts, their heart's desire is not marriage!  Vistors and readers, by any means, I am not against dating or marriage! The question is,  " Have we ever thought about marriage  or dating as deep passion  in our hearts, or just doing what every one does in society?!" While dating a person in order to archive at the stage of marriage, they are  to develop passion for each other, not as a routine of doing what everyone else is doing! What a person  deeply passionate about,that's what they truly love and enjoy?!

Short word for single people who desire marriage:

    Some single people want to find marriage because it might be as a passion in their heart! While being single, take the time to prepare yourself for that person later on! Take the time to know how to love and be passionate!Sslow down and enjoy being single for a temporary moment! With some single people who are passionate of wanting to be married; don't be discouraged! Diligently think and feel the pasionate  in your heart that your mate his here now, not later! In order words, continue to think that you have it now, not later!The more a person is  dillgent  thinking  about that, it will get into one's heart! From out the heart, it will manifest!

    Special note: IF you have a problem with your thought patterns, get a tape recorder and record it on tape that " my mate is here and what you want that person to be like!" After recording, listen to it every day until you feel and get the true joy of it! I will say that " It takes time for it to be in your heart and to get your mind focused on that"

   You might ask me! Why are you writing on this part if you are single?! The reason because I have seen during my lifetime  most people rush rather than be passionate in marriage ! I will tell the truth, I didn't want to write on this topic because I am single because of not feeling obligated on this subject! I will honesty admitt that  I feel more obligated in friendship than dating and marriage! I knew some people who are single need help! I didn't want feel like I am being a hypocrite! That's why I didn't want to write on this subject!

Society's fear of being single:

     Some people have struggled with the fear of being single because of the mentality of what society think!  The reason why most people  are  afraid being single for a very long time because they have a fear when they become  older later; there will not have any person to visit them, or have any children later, or have any children to come visit them! This causes them to put a time clock in order to rush to be married in order to have children!  After rushing marriage,  most couple might pretend happiness during the wedding, but later on,they don't feel the passion  and joy to be married !  So without the passion in their heart, it can be dangerous! Usually, it can lead to a person being unhappy and not passionate about the relationship! Sometimes, it can go as far as divorce!

Enjoy being single

     This  part are not for single people who are passionate  in their hearts to be  married! This is not for them!  I am not trying to be harsh, but it's for people who know in their hearts that  marriage is not for them! People who  are single, don't allow the pressures of society to linger you when it's not even in your heart!Few people will worry you and ask you the question, "Have you found someone!?" Don't let questions like that steal your joy of your  enjoyment of being single!  Like me, I don't let questions like that worry or bother me! I always think " I am not alone so why worry!? I enjoy it! I see being single as a blessing!"

Final Word

    I really hope that you enjoyed this post!  I hope that one can use wisdom in their heart to see if marriage is in their hearts or not!  Until the next blog, take care! Be safe! Be blessed!

Copyright(©) by Tyler J.Logan
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