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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The root of being consistant in your passion

Every person on this earth has a passion at something! This could be anything that a person loves to do without sorrow or being miserable!  However, one recognizes that passion is the key to keep a person consistant in what he or she loves to do!  Passion also causes  a person not to quit in what he or she loves to do! A person gets the feel and the joy in what he or she enjoys to do!  Sometimes, there might be days that one has to rest, but there will still remain a love for that passion.

The root of being consistant

The root of being consistant abides in a person's heart! What is in a person's heart- that's the key thing a person's loves!  Whenever one enjoys  passion rather it's a talent or an ability, he or she doesn't mind to get up doing it!  One doesn't  have a unease feeling about their passion!In other words, It just becomes as something normal and  to enjoy! This indicates that person never becomes tired of their passion! In addition, a person also will make their passion as a part of their hobby!

   When something is deep in a person's heart, he or she cannot stop thinking about it! Their minds cannot stop thinking about their passion! It is as a part of an attachment to their mind, soul, and spirit! Overall, their mind has become in the habit of doing! When something is a person's passion, he or she doesn't mind the longsuffering!

What is your passion!?  One of my main passions

  What is your passion in what you enjoy?  Every person has something that he or she loves to do!  Discover  your passion because it's one of the main keys to have joy in life!  While discovering the passion in what you love rather it's a talent, ability, or hobby, there will be some haters who don't approve of it! That's fine! That's an indication there is greatness in you!

   As for me, one of my passions is writing!I love writing since I was a kid, which I have it as one of my hobbies!   As a person can see, I enjoy writing about self-help material and  novels! Even though I am not have not published a novel, but I have started writing on my first one!

Final Word

I want to say keep being consistant in your passion in your thoughts and mind! It's all in your heart and mind! Until the next blog! Be safe! Be encouraged! Have a blessed day!

Copyright(©) by Tyler J.Logan
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