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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is there a problem being single

This topic is something that I rarely speak about - it's concerning being single !  This will pin point to the rush of society to get  to married, which I don't talk about marriage as much because of me being single! As most of us know in  today's  society, there is a the rush mentality  embedded in so many people to rush into dating and  marriage rather than observing and ask themselves the questions- Do we have each other in our hearts? Do we think about each other  a lot? Do we get tired of being in each other's presence? Are we truly passionate about each other or just going every day motions? Do we really going through the flow of things?  Do I really supposed to be dating or  married to this person? Do I really take the time to get to know this person?

In contrast, here are two questions that  people will ask others who are single!

1.Have you found a girl friend or boyfriend?

2. Have you found someone yet?

I. The feelings of people who are single

Single people  have sometimes been pressured by others ! Most of them don't be bothered by intense pressure! This justifies that most people don't like to rush back into dating or to be married! Either they have been hurt from a previous marriage or dating another person, or some people will feel that they need to prepare themselves for the person who has their heart, and not rush into it!

    In addition, some people will feel that marriage is not for them, but they rather desire to form close friendship or bond with another person! All these things are completely understandable! I believe that a person should follow their heart to see if marriage is for them! In my opinion, marriage is not for every person! Some people might disagree,but that's fine by me!

II. What's the problem being single

 There is no problem with being single! Being single is not a bad thing, it's a good time to discover a lot of things about yourself! There is no problem with being single, but the thing is that most people go to marriage just because of pressure from  society or people in the family! To add to this, they also see  other people are married and have children! This causes most of them wanting  to be married just because they see other people do it, but knowing in their heart that marriage is not for them! Some people will go into marriage in order to leave their parents' house, which they never not take the time to use wisdom and checking their hearts to see if they desire marriage.

III. Being single doesn't mean to be alone

Being single doesn't mean to be alone! Having said earlier that most people have in their hearts that they want marriage to be with that person, but other people don't have marriage in their heart! At the same time, they might desire a close friendship! A woman might want a tight friendship with other woman! A man might want a tight and close friendship with another man! That's what makes most people happy! Most single people are happy because they have a close bond with a friend, which they feel that marriage is not for them! Overall, most people are not happy in marriage  because it's not for them, or it wasn't never intended for them to be with that person in the first place,which he or she was never in their heart.

 One can enjoy themselves while being single! If you feel in your heart that marriage is not for you, don't allow the pressures of society to steal your happiness!  This is one reason for the high divorce rate because most people rush rather than checking their heart to see if marriage is their heart's desire!

Final word

I believe that a person should never rush into marriage! Even though I haven't been married, but  I believe that a person should check their heart rather they desire marriage or not! Until the next blog! Be safe!Be encouraged  Have a blessed evening and day!

Copyright(©) by Tyler J.Logan
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