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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The possible steps in self-help enrichment

 I know that it's been over a week since I have been on here to blog! This week was very heptic for me, which it threw my schedule off in order post a new blog! During this heptic week of unexpected things that happened,  I have been thinking for weeks about taking my blog ( self-help enrichment)- to the next level! Therefore, the main step of this decision came from a suggestion from a fellow football team mate of mine from my years in high school!

  4 weeks ago, me and him were chatting online on facebook by which he gave me the suggestion!  I have took his suggestion very seriously and put some thought into it, but I have not made the final decision to make the possible step! The suggestion was to do my broadcasting videos on youtube concerning my blog and subjects that deal with life! This is going to be a big step for me, which I feel that it's the next level!  If  I make my final decision to broadcast myself to do  youtube videos; it will be announced on this blog, but I will continue blogging because I love it!

Notice of changes

   Some of you have probably noticed that I have recontructed my blog to the best of my ability! I decided to make changes to my blog! Too, I am still making changes here on my blog in order to be more improved than before!

Back to regular next week schedule

 I apolgize for my heptic week!  There will be a new self-help blog next week! This blog is sort of an update blog! We understand that certain things happen! However, I was just keeping everyone posted!  Until the next blog, Be safe! Have a great day and evening! 

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