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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not another " change your thinking towards life " article

The title " change your thinking" is very common  subject in  this world !   In today's society , this subject is mostly focused on the way  a person views life.  Their view towards life could be thoughts about bad relationships in the past, negative thoughts, thoughts of what someone has done to him or her,  or having a negative view towards life! However, these are certain factors that today's society! 

      Most readers who had a negative view towards life  might be saying to  himself or herself, " Not another change your thinking towards life article! You're going tell me to be postive during my situation!" The purpose why most people will say such a thing because they made efforts  to change their way of thinking in a certain area;but at the same time, there were sometimes present circumstances, or so many bad things happening in their lives, or being mistreated a lot ! Those certain things  has  probably occured   for years , which caused them to be hurt emotionally and mentality!

    At the time, one can tell them to be excited about life, or life's too short to think that way towards life, you need to change the way you think towards life! Sometimes, it doesn't work with most people! Depending on the situation, most of them just need someone to understand and relate to their situation,or a person who has  truly experienced  and been through that situation! Others need someone who truly cares, or need to tell another person what is bugging them!  Overall, it's not an overnight process with every person who has had a negative view towards life! 

  Most people who smile, they  hide their  inward hurts and pains very well! They learned how to careful to tell others how they think towards life because they know how a lot of folks act! Other people can have frowns on their face, and don't smile for nobody! They don't adjust to folks who say, "Smile! Life's too short to be angry at the world! Stop think like that towards life!"

My short story

    As for me, I didn't smile at whole lot! I didn't sugercoat it, I frowned! I mean -" I frowned"!Some people would asked me, " Why you have frowns on your face? Why you look so angry? Start smiling!You need to smile sometimes!Why do you act so serious!"  It would just me angry or look at them like they were crazy! I would say in my mind, " Could you just leave me the hell alone! You are getting on my nerves! I don't have time to hear this crap!"  Overall, it was due to my thinking towards life!

    However, I remember when I was at a resturant with a group of  individuals, there was one person out of the group who asked me the question  " How come you don't smile so much!?"  I told that person," I don't smile! If there is no reason to smile! I am not smiling not even for you!"  The person looked at me like I was crazy!  Today, I have improved, but I am still working on it! No lie!

   Final word

   Certain people who have been through so much in life! It takes time with most of them to change their way of thinking towards life! It's not always a fast process! Usually, it's very long! Until the next blog, be blessed ,stay safe, be encouraged!

Copyright(©) by Tyler J.Logan
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