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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The wealth in you

  By the title of this post, most people are very fimiliar with the term wealth. The average person would define wealth as a lot of money! It can be a part of the term wealth, but that's not  where true wealth abides! True wealth is what is inside of a person!

 I. What is the wealth in you

     Even though joy, inward peace, and love defines as inward wealth, but I want to focus on something else about inward wealth in a person!  After a person discovers whom he or she is inwardly, he or she will find their talents and ablities!

In the mist of finding their talent or ablities, this will be the beginning of discovery! After that discovery, there remains another mystery! This leads to inward wealth in a person!  Inside of a person,true wealth is also about being unique and creative in a different way!  In where uniqueness is, it brings a true passion! In my opinion, being unique can be very powerful and inspirational!

In contrast, every person has their own uniqueness about himself or herself! This is where their own creativity comes in the picture! Overall, there is wealth in every person!

   II. What uniqueness does to other people

    Sometimes, a person can feel unique and different to which they try to fit in with other individuals. This causes  people to notice something  different about him or her. These people could be acquantices, family members, and so-called friends, and people that he or she doesn't know!  Most  of them  are so drawn to very unique talents and ablities from that person,or individuals! At the same time, the rest of them  can be jealous and envious of that other person's uniqueness.

   Final word:

    I encourage you to be unique and passionate! Never allow other people to bring you out of being unique and different! This also goes with talents and ablities! Things that you are good at, always be unique and think outside of the box! That's where your inward wealth comes! Until the next blog, be blessed! Stay safe! Have a great day and evening!

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan


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