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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unemployment and job search frustrations: My lessons

Having  posted my previous post to those who have been unemployed, I can relate to those who have been unemployed for five mouths or more! Even though I posted up previously of  how to overcome unemployment stress, but after publishing that blog,  I realize that people who are unemployed, they desire to relate to other people who are going through unemployment! I also realize and spoke to myself , " Why hide and sugercoat the truth?" In this article, I am not  hiding or sugercoating anything to the readers about unemployment!  Just as my previous posts, I try to keep it real!

         Too, it's has been hard for most people have endured and suffering through unemployment!  While in the mist of  consistant job-searching, there are sometimes that most people get on our nerves with questions  as below

1.What you doing every day?
2. What are you  going to do with your life?
3.  What 's new?

These questions can sometimes stress a person out by other people!  I mean people can stress a person out by these  statements each day!  The mentality of society thinks that if a person is unemployed for five mouths or more, they don't want to do anything in life!  Overall, society don't realize that there have been people  who put in  hundreds of applications during that five mouths, but they are angry, mad, and frustrated! People who are unemployed, they go through a lot of hell! People who are employed, they don't have any thing on those who are unemployed! Every body can talk about job- stress on the news and health channels, but you will  rarely hear of people talk about unemployment stress!  The only thing that one hears about the rate of unemployment each mouth or year! Contrary from that, I learned three main lessons  that I 've learned from my experience!

Lesson I. We are going to call you!

     I have had certain employers tell me that they were going to call me, and it sparked up my confidence!Two or three days later, it caused my confidence to be low  to which I would angry and mad  because  that certain employer  didn't  keep their word! Overall,  this is one of the main lessons that I have learned with most employers, which they don't keep their word with people! They say that they will contact a person, but they don't at all!  This is normally after an interview!   I don't know that if some of the readers have experienced this, but I have! I learned not to go by every word that employer says because they are sometimes tricky!

Lesson II. Patience

     I have had to learn this part during the time of unemployement! In this situation, I had to learn patience during the time of my frustration! I will say that it's not easy to be patient while being unemployed! Due to my impatience, it caused me to be stressed out and angry! There were days  that I was calm and feel good,  but there were times I was angry and mad!  In the mist of putting in so many applications, I still had the learn the class of patience!  During my time of putting applications, I got so sick of folks asking me the questions " Are you working anywhere? What ya doing with yourself?" During the mist of patience, I longsuffer through the questions of people of my unemployed!  I usually say to myself, " Out of all the applications that I put in, when is a job going to hire me!"  In the back of my mind,  that anger and impatience would kick in very hard! The next day, I would be calm and have the same feeling! Every now and then, I feel like I would lose my mind! Still, I learned  endurance and patience! I am not going to lie, I hated to be patient in such a situation, but it taught me to better understand other peoples' situations who are unemployed.

Lesson III. What people are going to say

         This is the third lesson that I have learned while being unemployed!Most  people will get truly revealed of whom they really are! Having spoken in my previous post,  when a person has been unemployed for a five mouths or more, most people will think that person is not trying to do any thing with their life! Overall, the truth comes out of most people of how they truly feel towards others who have been unemployed for five  mouths or more! As for me, I love it because the truth comes out!

      I want to say this to people who are unemployed, don't worry about the people who think you are nothing in life! The greatest revenge is to prove them wrong, and don't be bothered with them! This is a great time to make them look like fools at the end!  I want to say that you are somebody because when you are talked about, you are someone great!  In addition,  most people are going to talk mess, and spread rumors  about a person!

Until the next blog, I hope everyone stay safe! Be inspired!Be encouraged! Be very blessed! Have a great day and evening

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan
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