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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The roots of anger

Throughout the lives of most people, they've had roots of anger!  By deriving from these roots, anger has it's certain causes!  In what we have noticed that anger is a form of emotion and expression of how one feels inwardly! This leads to some causes to the roots of anger!

I.Buried  hurts and pains from the past in one's emotions!

    This is one of the main causes to  deep anger! When most people has been abused for years; it's very difficult for them to overcome those pains!  Most people who are angry, they don't hide that they are angry with life! Usually, most of them would take their anger out on friends, acquantices, or other family members!  Other people bury their hurts and pains, they will smile and act joyful around individuals! Inwardly, they are angry and hurting! Too, they will do things in order to fill that pain!

 Some people can hide their suppressed anger and hurts very good!   Over that a short or long period of time, there is a certain day where most people can feel anger rising up out of nowhere! Sometimes, their thoughts are going 24 miles an hour! Usually, most people are  thinking about the painful memories of the past for that moment!  Some of them will  be so angry that they make other individuals uncomfortable to be around! When most people are angry, they can be very mean! It's a sign that they have been hurt a lot! Most people who are hurting, most of them desire an individual to listen and truly understand what they have been through in life!

 II. Rejection and abadonment

      Another root of anger comes from being rejected, or abadoned ! This can be from a parent, family member,so-called friend, or other people! Some people who have been rejected or abadoned, they show that anger by their body language!  Other people who have been rejected and abadoned, they don't show much of their anger! After being hurt due to rejection  or being abadoned, most of them look for places to feel loved and accepted!

   Some people who has found  a person who cares, they will feel that void is filled and completed in their life. They will feel healed from pains of being rejected! Other people will feel that void has been filled and competed in their lives, but at the same time, they still have feelings of anger from their past ! Overall,  the people who has been rejected or abadoned, they desire a person who cares and accepts them!

   III.  Weary of enduring  long and  hard situations

           In long hard situations, some people has become angry and weary of going through long and hard situations. Sometimes, they have wondered in their minds out of anger " when are these hard situations going to change!?" Too, they want out of that long hard situation!  They are angry due to enduring that hard situation for years! Sometimes, it's hard to have patience and longsuffering in a hard situation! Even though most people are angry, they have questions in their mind that they want to be answered!  When a person has endured long and hard situations, they are angry and feel that nothing will change for the good!

     1. The common statement told to people who are angry and weary

    When  a lot of people are extremely tired, it's  common for society to say to them," Stop being the victim! Stop having the vicitim mentatilty " Even though these statements might be true, but one needs to be extremely  careful and watch the way that he or she says these statements to a person who has been through a lot! The reason that it is spoken because most people might be on the verge of taking their own life!  Some people who angry and weary, they cannot adjust to that statement!That statement can make  people feel that person doesn't understand what they are going through! These statements will make people  feel down about themselves.

   The average person who has not put oneself in the shoes of most people,he or she will say,"This is bogus! This is hogwash! I don't care,they need to hear the statement stop being the victim!Stop this and that!"  That person refuses to understand that it can be a damage, rather than a help to most people!  Overall, that person has not identified what type of people that he or she is dealing with!

  IV. Frustrations of dreams and desires not becoming as a reality

      This one is very common root of anger! Frustrations of dreams and desires that we really want to come to pass, but it doesn't! Usaully, the frustrations comes in due to a long period of waiting! Most of us have probably took action, but it doesn't happen as fast! Usually, our unfilled dreams and desires feel as a form of emptiness! It causes most people to be angry and frustrated! Most people will use that anger and frustation to work harder to make that desire or dream as a reality. Other people will be angry and frustrated asking, Why won't my dreams and desire become as a reality? I took action?I don't understand!" I want to say this out of compassion!  There are some things that are going to remain a mystery! Later on, it will be revelation.

    Until the next blog, I hope everyone stay safe! Be inspired!Be encouraged! Be very blessed! Have a great day and evening!

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan
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