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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quit having the victim mentality (can it be damaging)

     In the previous post, I blogged a little  about the statement "stop having victim mentality".This post  is going to explain  a little further about this subject! By this post, it will be a major blow to society's ego! In this world today, it's very common that people tell other individuals that statement! A lot of people make it their  business to tell every person to quit having the victim mentality! If most people are not  extremely careful by that statement,  it can rarely be a statement of help, but it can be a statement to cause hurt and damage to an individual!

       I.  How can this statement be a hurt

            This statement causes major damage to most people who have been through a lot of things in life, and tired of life!  When certain individuals have told most people to quit having the victim mentality, it causes them to be extremely damaged emotionally! This causes most people  to have deep depression! Most people will begin to feel that nobody cares to listen to how he or she is feeling!  It brings down their level of self- esteem!  Overall, Most people's confidence are not that high! There are possiblities that most people can be on the verge of commiting sucide!

       Some people who are weary, they don't tell an individual what is going on with them! This can be due to a couple of reasons!

      1. They don't have a trusted individual to talk about things happening in their life

      2. They know that most folks don't truly understand and feel their pain

      3. They have probably gotten tired of hearing people say "Quit feeling sorry for yourself!"

      4. They probably know most people say that they feel their pain, but truly they don't!

II.    The people who have been extremely hurt in life

       There are certain people who have been extremely hurt in life!  Sometimes, it could be other people victimizing them! This could be victimizing from other people in forms of physical, mental, or sexual abuse!  However, they don't adjust to certain individuals telling them to quit having the victim mentality!

       Some people who take action to receive help; they are misuderstood  and misjudged because that certain person doesn't try to put him or her self in their shoes! Other people who go for help, they don't get the proper help in order for them to heal piece by piece! This causes them to not trust a lot of people! Most people who have been extremly hurt by life, they will say in their minds, " I have tried to recieve help! Nobody never have tried to understand what I have been through! Why tell any person?"
     Most of them have encountered certain individuals who didn't want to hear their story,or didn't want to hear their problems again! I will say some people don't want to hear your story unless they want something to gossip about to other individuals!   Other people have encountered certain individuals who told them " I know how it's feels because I been through it!."Overall,  certain individuals doesn't truly know how that person feels! Even though they might have been told quit having the victim mentality, and it has worked for them! This doesn't mean that it will work for another  person!

    To end on this note! This is not trying to start an arguement  about the victim mentality, or trying make a person offended! However, the overall objective of this post is to be careful whom one tells that statement! One never knows what a person will do to himself or herself! It could be a sucidal person on hand!

    Until the next blog, I hope everyone stay safe! Be inspired!Be encouraged! Be very blessed! Have a great day and evening!

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan

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