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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Personal Word and Ecouragement for those who are unemployed

If  any person has been unemployed for 4  or more mouths, I believe  this personal word and ecouragement will speak! While being unemployed, it's not easy to be around most people because they believe that he or she is not trying to work, but to be a couch potato!  Few people might feel that being unemployed is a blessing, but other  people feel hopeless.


Even though the unemployement rate continues to go up and down, it becomes as a frustration to look for work!  So many of us have been looking tiredlessly for a job for 6 mouths or more, but there were no results. Due to unemployement, pressures and situations are working against us until we feel that our time is running out by looking for a job!  During that period of 4 mouths or more by being unemployed,  we tell our frustrastions to  other people  that there has not been any results in our search for a job!

  In contrast, we have questions in what we are doing wrong in our job search! Too, we have questions  in why we receive rejection after rejections!  After questioning ourselves, we have certain thoughts such as, " When will my job search end? When will it be my time for employers to hire me? I sick of job hunting?!" Majority of us have these certain feelings!   Too, most of us have been around so may people who got jobs, which we causes us to feel that we alone by going through unemployement, and then it causes more anger and frustration! At the same time, we know in our hearts that other people are going though frustration and anger due to job searching.

To add to that, We know that we  come around friends, acquantances, and family! They love asking us questions in what we are doing! Are you working? Have you found a job yet? What's new? As for being unemployed  in a period of  4 mouths or more, these questions get on our nerves to which we don't want to deal with from people! Our reason for not wanting to be around most people because a lot of them don't believe the best for us! Most people also assume that we are not trying to do anything with our lives! To me, I see that as a good thing because most people reveal  their true selves of what they truly think of us!


To those who are unemployed, I completely understand what you are feeling!I compelety understand if you say these statements below!

1.I am burnout by job search for 4 mouths or more!

2.I fed up with the employers who lie that they are going to call, but they don't!

3.I am tired of being told keep searching, which I have been searching for 5 mouths or more!

4. I am sick of  getting rejection after rejection!

5 I am sick of people nagging and asking me, "have you got a job?" -and I am searching every day!

6. I am on the verge of quitting after a year of searching and putting in resumes, I went to get help on my resume, and still no results !

"Due to my experiences , I know how it feels to be unemployed! It's an very uncomfortable feeling! It doesn't feel good at all! I competely understand when a person probably says all of these statements! I will say most people will not understand and will take it the wrong way these statements above so that they can have something destructive to say!   I will say to readers who are unemployed for mouths again, " I truly understand how you feel!"

Contrary from that, I want to say to those  who has been rejected and denied by so many jobs! Jobs that didn't give you a chance because they required experience, or other things- they really missed out on a great and talented person! Every person who have encountered these things, they have certain ablities! The people who have been rejected, looked over, and denied so much, they are really the greatest people who have so much potential! It's important to note that there is greatness inside of you! Discover and then grab it!  Every person who have been rejected,  they are special and unique, and  a lot of them think very differently from most people! 

Special note: If you wants to talk to someone about their job- frustrations ,feel free to e-mail me, which is on the side  of  my blog that says "contact me"!  Whatever is bothering and frustrating you about your job search, don't hesitate to contact me, and let's talk! I will email you back with a reponse within 48 hours!

 Until the next blog, I hope everyone stay safe! Be inspired!Be encouraged! Be very blessed! Have a great day and evening

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan
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