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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An inspring novel to read "A chance at life" by Wanda S. Thomas

     Hello everyone, I am so excited about promoting the book "A chance at life" by Wanda S. Thomas. It's an author that most people have probably not heard about ! First, I mostly stumbled upon this book, which is a novel! This novel caught my eye, and I bought the book at xlibris website! While reading the book, one of the characters in the book named Heather who gets another chance to fulliful her dream! At the same time, Heather makes a mistake when she was in high school! Due to her parents' decision because her mistake, it causes her not to forgive her parents! The reason for the decision of heather's parents because they wanted her to have a better future in order accomplish her dream to become a teacher! It took Heather years to overcome the bitterness and anger in order to forgive her parents! Later on, she fullifills her dream as a teacher! Later on in the book, Healther also sacrificed herself for one of her students named Faith so that her student would live! At the end, it becomes interesting and very compelling!

After finishing this book 2 days ago, I loved this novel,which it's easy to read and follow! At the same time, it's not a long novel, but it's so inspirational and powerful! It's a very good book! This book focuses on forgiveness, and never stopping to fullfil your dreams in life! This is what the character Heather never stopped doing that, which she was granted a chance at life to fill her dream, but she found the power to forgive! If one is interested in purchasing the book, he or she can click to the upper left hand corner to buy the book! Until the next blog! Stay blessed! Stay safe! Have a great day and evening!

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