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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The curious person vs. The nosy person

 By my own experiences, I have dealt with  nosy people. In my opinion, it's not very easy to be around these types of people. Overall,  nosy people have asked me questions that would make me feel very uncomfortable. Whenever I am quiet around a very nosy person;  that person would ask me some of the most uncomfortable questions that  would get on my nerves! I would say to myself, " Shut -up! Go away! When are you going to stop asking nosy questions?"  Sometimes,  I would repond to a nosy person very nicely, " It's none of your business!" Usually, I would be quick to talk about another subject!  In addition, I would ingore and not respond to their questions at all! Nevertheless, I would not allow these types of people to get to know me on a deeper level. My reason for not allowing these types people to know me personally because I believe strongly that  trust  is extremely important in relationships. Trust is the bridge to get to know an individual on a deeper level. 

Before getting into this subject,  I want to speak something about the part about nosy. I will address that I'm not talking  about nosy in the state of when someone is in trouble, or  one person or more have been hurt and wounded,or there is a fire going on at a house or a building!  It's necessary to inform the nearest aid in order to recieve help! Contary from that, I am going to present to the readers about a person being nosy or curious in the category of knowing an individual. Even though  a  curious or nosy person wants to know an individual, there is a difference between these persons.


   A  curious person is when he or she has an aroused interest towards an individual.  This type of person has a deep desire to know an individual  on a deeper level.  While getting to know that individual,  a curious person begins to work for an individual's trust! In other words, one who is curious- he or she doesn't mind  opening up to that individual! This reason is because he or she really likes that individual!  Any time an individual begins to open up, a curious person has their total attention! In add to that, the curious person also becomes excited about that individual.  One who is curious, he or she will never ask questions to make an individual uncomfortable! Too, this person respects and won't interfere in the affairs of an individual.

Now sometimes, few people who are curious will not  open up on a deeper unless that other individual will the first step! At the same time, they still have that aroused interest about that individual. When this happens, that person might think as in their mind , " I don't know where to start, but I really like that person! What if I really open up about myself? Will that person damage my trust?"  Overall, they really desire to really open up to that individual! Usually, most people who are curious want to open up, they will wonder about that  individual judging  him or her in the wrong way! This goes back to the area of trust!


     Even though some people believe  that a nosy person is interested in  knowing about an individual, but this is not true! A nosy person loves to meddle or interfere in the affaires or privacy of an invidual! A nosy person enjoys  to disturb an individual's conversation. It signfies that person gets  into an individual's business! By doing this, a nosy person asks questions in order  to make an individual uncomfortable! This shows that  a nosy person doesn't  have  any  type of respect for an individual! Too, a nosy person cannot stand to be around quiet people!  A nosy person  enjoys to interfere in the affaires or privacy of an individual  so that he or she has something to gossip about to other people! A nosy person enjoys to spread rumors! A nosy person is never interested to form a close relationship with an individual! This person wants information from an individual so that he or she will  gossip about it to their fake friends and aquantances.To add to that, a nosy person has their most favorite phases that he or she says to an individual!

1. What ya doing?

2. How come you are so quiet?

3. You never talk!

A lot of times  it doesn't get through their heads of most people when a person says nicely,"none of your business!" After saying very nicely to that person that statement,  one has to be very mean in order to stop them from asking uncomfortable questions! They get so offended while being mean to them just after saying the statement- it's none of your business. To me, there is no reason to get offended!

To end on this note, trust is always important in relationships! Until the next blog, I hope everyone stay safe! Be inspired!Be encouraged! Have a great day and evening!

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan
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