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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What trials and suffering cause in a person's life- what are your opinions on this subject

Hello everyone! This blog is going to be kind of different! I have off and on thought about this subject about trials and struggles in life. Even though we go through trials and suffering in life, it does certain things to people! I believe that intense trials and suffering cause 4 different things to a person.

I. Trials and suffering can cause a person to be compassionate and have a caring heart because he or she can truely feel other peoples' pain and suffering.

II. Trials and sufferings cause a person to be tired and weary of life, but the intense trials and sufferings cause a person not to take life anymore.

III. Even though a person is tired of life due to intense trials and sufferings,he or she recieves an inner-strength to endure intense trials and sufferings.

IV. Trials and suffering can cause a person to be hopeless, angry, and have  the wrong view towards life while feeling that nobody cares!

Now, some of you have probably wondered - How come you didn't put trials and suffering make every person strong? To me, that question is extremly tricky. I don't think that trials and sufferings make every person strong! This is because most people have committed sucide because they couldn't take anymore of the intense trial and struggle! Some people are probably saying," That's bogus and hogwash! How could you say such a thing? I have never heard of that!" Look at it from this prespective, what same or different trial makes one person strong, doesn't mean that same or different trial will make another person strong!

However, I just wanted to share my thoughts of what trials and suffering can cause in a person's life! This is where subscribers and readers can give their thoughts! However, I ask for your thoughts- What do you think trials will cause to a person! Subsribers and readers- Don't be shy or afraid to give your thoughts or opinions on this subject!! I understand with compassion that every person has an opinion! I will respect your opinion,and please no harsh comments! I really hope to hear your opinion! Until the next blog! Take care! Be safe! Have a great day and evening!

Copyright(©)by Tyler J.Logan
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