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Friday, February 26, 2010

What sercets cause in a relationship

 Before  going into the subject, I  believe that every person has a secret or two in their personal lives. Every person has a secret or two that he or she doesn't want people to know about him or her. Also, this includes me, which I am not excluding myself out with every person!

In my opinion,  a secret is something deep about an individual that he or she will not reveal to anyone.  To add to that definition, a secret is always kept to himself or herself!  Whenever a secret is told to a person,  it is nomore a secret! There are possiblities that  if a person is not proven to be trustworthy, he or she will have a big mouth and gossip to other people  about that individual's personal information.  This can lead to severe damage to that individual because their secret begins to spead around to other people. At times, it can be twisted into a lie!  Overall, my point is that if an individual is going to tell their  secret to a person; it is important to be exactly sure that person has truly earned and worked for your trust! Contary from that part, there are three different things that secrets cause in a relationship.

 I.  Secrets can cause a deeper interest toward an individual

   This only happens when a person has truly earned  individuals' trust!  After earning an individual's trust, a person is probably permitted to enter thier inner-circle!  The inner-circle means that person is permitted to enter in order to be revealed  the deep things about an individual! After an individual has allowed a person to enter their inner-circle, that individual will probably tell  their secret or two.  If by possiblity the individual tell their secret or two,  it extremely attracts a person's attention! Depending on the secret, that individual will tell that person not to reveal it to anyone.  After revealing the secret or two, that person becomes suprised, excited, and wanting to open up about their things in their personal life!  This gives the door to have a tighter connection and bond!  In addition, that person is very curious to get to know that individual on a deeper level.  Overall, that person is  more interested in that individual.

II. Secrets can hurt a relationship

    Depending on the situation, secrets can have an affect on certain individuals!  This is due to something what a person has done behind an individual's back! Sometimes, it could be one, two, or more times! The  reason why a person keeps certain things secretive because he or she knows that it will make an individual  very mad!  This leads to a person to lie and cover up in order to keep their secret or two hidden from that individual. At times, that person has to tell more than one lie  in order to keep the secret hidden. After telling that individual a lie, there is a possiblity that individual will not think anymore about the particular situation. A day, hours, mouths, or years  later, that person's secret or two is revealed.  It could be that person is caught by an individual, or someone caught him or her, it was exposed in public, or that someone came and told that individual what that person spoken or done! This falls  in the catagories of marriage, friendship,or dating.  After the secret is revealed, it can affect an individual in two different ways!

   1. That individual might be mad for a while, but he or she has the power to forgive that person

   2. Depending on the situation, that indivdual will be angry and not forgive that person

III. Secrets can cause an individual to be suspicious

   An individual who believes that person is trying to hide something from him or her.  This leads to a lot of suspicion! When an individual is suspicious about a person, he or she will become as a detective trying to solve a mystery about that person. In what sometimes causes the suspicion, that person probably  has lied to him or her so many times in the past! That indivudal is supicious because he or she doesn't trust that person. This leads to an individual to be careful to trust that person. At the same time, that individual is in a relationship with that person, but there is no true bond nor connection there!This causes the relationship to be very sour and boring! I am not talking about in marriages; this also goes in friendships and dating!  To add to that, an individual will still claim that he or she loves that person, but haven't recieved a true revelation that person doesn't give a care about him or her. A word of advice, let that person go!  It's not worth the time and effort to be around an untrustworthy person!

   Sometimes, an individual will listen and believe their  so-called friends or relatives  about the person whom he or she is in a relationship with! This will lead to that individual to be supicious about that person!  The individual will assume that person is probably carrying around a sercet or two. Over 50% of the time, the information is not even true about that person! Due to a person's assumption by listening to other people, this type of supicision will cause damage in that relationship! Overall, so many relationships are damaged because the individual didn't even talk to the person in order to clear out the confusion!

  To end on this note, Trust creates a connection and bond with a person! Even though that trust and bonding is there between the person and the individual, they would never go listen to gossip of other people concering their relationship!  However,  until the next blog - Be safe! Be passionate about your talents and ablities!  Have a great day and evening!

Copyright (©) by Tyler J.Logan
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