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Saturday, February 13, 2010

An inspired article by another blogger: How to win through quitting!

  This post is going  to be different from all the rest of my posts! I delayed and postponed this week's post for next  week !  My reason for my delayed post is because I read  an inspiring  article post by Ryan Schwitz's website at!  His website consists of different subjects concerning fincances, personal development, real estate, and much more!  However,  the main subject called "How to win through quitting", which it's very different from other articles that I have read about quitting! Ryan  is focused  and engaged  into this self-help topic to which he uses his own experience to explain the subject. At the same time, he explains very well how to know when to quit! I can truly tell that he is very compassionate and can truly relate to people who have been criticized,or mistunderstood for quitting.

  If one reads this article, some of the things that society speaks about this subject is very true!   To me, I have never read such unique content in the area of self-help on the subject of quitting. I had to introduce this subject to people who have been criticized by relatives, acquantices, fake friends, and by other folks because of quitting! In addition, I am inspired by his courage to speak out on this self-help topic!

   Overall,  If you have the chance to visit Ryan's website come visit

  To check out the inspired article " How to win through quitting" click below.

 I hope that you was inspired by his article just as I was! Until the next blog! Take care! Be safe! Have a great day and evening!

Copyright(©)by Tyler J.Logan
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