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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Insensitive people towards the unemployed

This blog is dedicated to those who are unemployed. In this day and time, it's not very easy to find a job due to the ecomony. To add to that, most of us don't know when an employer is going to call. Some applications take to 2 weeks to mouths to be processed, but it's not sometimes granted that the employer will call. This is where most of us have to wait, while putting in other applications. Due to our tired and working efforts to find employment; we have certain feelings of being fed up,weary,and depressed. In addition, most of us who are unemployed have to deal with insensitive people. The types of insensitive people can be relatives, acquantices, and so-called friends. They can't truely feel and relate another person's situation of being unemployed. From my own experiences, I can truly relate to those who are unemployed at this moment. It's not easy for me at all! Now, I want to present a couple of glimpses and things that people who are unemployed can relate to these situations.

I. Situations with family members

In this first part, I want to talk about Family members. They can be the worst when it comes to being insensitive. Not all family members act insensitive, but most of them can give their relatives a very hard time. In the main area where most family members can give a relative a hard time is when they allow him or her to move in their house.

Most family members will act like they want that relative in their house, but their actions will speak much louder than words. Moreover, some family members don't want that relative to stay with them. Now if a relative steals or don't want to do chores around the house! That's understandable! The part that is not understandable is where family members give their relative a hard time while he or she is looking for employment.

While that relative is working and searching triedlessly for employment, he or she does chores, cleaning, or probably has to watch that family member's kids at the house. Most family members act extremely ungrateful when it comes to a relative helping around the house. Most family members don't concentrate on the help in what they have around their house. In the eyes of the most family members, they don't concentrate on being grateful for the little things that their relative does to help them around the house.

Overall, most family members don't appeciate what that relative does around the house. All that most families are contrentrating on their relative's unemployment, and thinking that relative is not going to do anything with their life. Most relatives who are talented or have dreams in their lives, but have not yet found a job,which they go through stress and opression by their family members! Most of these family members will gossip to other relatives and say that," Well they are nobody! They don't want to do nothing with their lives! They just sit around the house all the time!They are going to be about anything!They don't want to work!" Even though those family members are employed, they have not been in the situation of unemployment! Due to most family members lack of sensitivity,most family members love to start strife and chaos on purpose!Most of them find it as an pleasure to make that other relative uncomfortable at their house! Other family members will make it loud through actions!

As for the relative who is unemployed, which he or she is staying at that family member's house, he or she is thinking, " I cannot wait to get out of here! I want out of this house! Employer, please call me about my resume or application so that I can hurry up and get up out of this house! Someone hurry up and call me! I am tired of staying in this hellish house!When I move out of their house, I will never come back to stay with this family member!" It becomes stressful and frustrating!

II. Tricky insensitive people who claim that they feel your pain

This part that so many people have probably experienced in their lives. One who is unemployed in this present moment, he or she will hear from a person this statement - I can feel your situation! Overall, most people don't truely feel that person's situation while being unemployed! This is reason because they have not been in that person's shoes. The other reason is that most people can claim that they have been through unemployment,but they are very quick to forget their own rough times!

The rough times of unemployment were not intended for them to forget, but to truly feel another person's pain! The reason that most people forget because they didn't go through that situation of unemployment long enough! I am here to say that most people can be very tricky! As for most of us, we are misunderstood by these types of people! We want people who can truely feel and relate our situation! A lot of us have truly suffered through unemployement! We desire someone who care and can feel our anger and frustrations of finding a job! Sometimes, we become tired and weary of encountering people who don't truly feel our pain of being unemployed!

As for people who are unemployed, but they are talented and have big dreams; don't allow a family member or an acquantice to discourage or knock out the dreams or talents! Even though they are unemployed, but there is greatness in them!

 As long as one lives, people are going to gossip about him or her behind their back! In contrast, when a person has a job and moves out of a family member's house and he or she moves into their own place; it is important not to forget those times of unemployment! It is a danger to forget rough times because pride and insensitivity will sneak into a person's heart! When that happens, that person will mistreat someone who is unemployed like trash while living in their house! My main point is treat those as you want to be treated!When he or she is doing things to help around the house! Appeciate those things, don't be ungrateful! Treat that person who helps around the house as he or she was your blessing!

Moveover, it's a blessing to have a person to help around the house! One never knows what he or she has until it's gone! I hope that the readers can relate to this subject! Until the next blog! Readers, I hope you have a great day and evening!Please stay safe and take care!

Copyright(©)by Tyler J.Logan
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