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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tired of life-Trials and tribulations- the glimpses- Part III

Short note: having spoken about this in part I and II, I will repeat this in any of my messages that deals with the subject tired of life.I want to present this as form of a warning. I am presenting this warning towards people who don't have the compassion to undersatand nor relate to other people when they go through trials and tribulations in life. If you are closed minded!If you are enjoying life,which you can't relate nor have an understanding what others going through. This is not for you and don't waste your time reading this article!Go on to the next blog or article that pertaining to your subjects because this is not for you. No offense at all! This is only for those who are going through intense trials, or people who can strongly relate, or can feel what others are going though their intense trials.

I want to present a couple of glimpses that most people have probably encountered in their lives,while feeling at their lowest point in life.

Bascially, Most of us have went for a walk in order to think about life,and the intense trials in what they have been going through currently or previously. With most of them who have walked during the mist of life in order to think about life, they have had thoughts when are things going to get better. At the same time, most of us are frustrated, mad, and angry with life!

In addition, we wonder in our minds when are things going to change for the good!While walking in the mist of the night,there is a deep weariness that is sometimes felt in the spirit and soul. Sometimes in the mist of the night,most of us has probably cried in the mist of the park or a road where nobody would see us crying. During that time of walking, we have probably had emotional breakdowns due to so many trials and tribulations in life! During that time of walking in the mist of the night, we have had thoughts about " I don't know what to do anymore! I am tired of this! What is the point of life? Did I make a mistake at something? I just don't know anymore!"

While at the lowest point at life, most of us have had feelings that we cannot take life nomore. For most of us in our lowest point, there is an unknown inner-strength that enters into the soul and spirit. For most of us, we don't know where that unknown inner-strength comes from in the time of time while walking. Few of us don't want to feel that inner- strength because we become tired of pushing and enduring very intense trials and tribulations.

Other people who have been at their lowest point in life. They have walked or drove a car to a lake or a partiuclar place in order to get away from things! They felt that particular place or lake was as a refuge. In their place of refuge, they have had feelings of frustration and anger towards life. During that time of frustration and anger, they have had felt feelings of despair.While in a place by themsleves, some of them have probably thoughts in thier minds speaking as, " Why does life suck? Why don't things get better in my life? Why life doesn't seem to be enjoyable? Why does life seems to get worse? What is my point being here on this earth? What is the point of life? How much longer do I have to endure trials? What trial is going to come at me next? What is going to happen in my future? What is this chaoic world going to end up to be? Is there a life out there? These are certain thoughts that go through the minds of some people who are by themselves at the lake or at a partiuclar place.

Other people who are tired of going through trials and tribulations in life: they normally go outside of their house and sit on a porch to think about life. Sometimes, they have certain glimpses in their mind about life. Usually, most of them sit on the porch and don’t want to be around with other people.This is because they felt that nobody truely cares! Sometimes, there are a lot of things that go through their minds. At the same time, they are tired and weary of life’s trials and tribulations.

For most of us being at our lowest point in life, we got in a car and drove in the mist of the night. Some of us didn't tell others where we were going for that particular night. For most of us, we went at an unknown city, place, or town. Moveover,we had no idea where we were going that partiuclar night. Sometimes, we are gone for hours during the night. While driving in the mist of the night, most of us can feel the wearniess in our souls and spirits. While driving to that unknown place, most of us can feel like we are going to cry and have an emotional breakdown because we feel that we cannot take another day of intense trials and triublations. While feeling tired in their spirit, most of us cry because it's an expression that we are tired of life. During that long time of cry inside the car, we cry until we couldn't cry nomore. During that time of crying in the car, most of us have felt forsaken, and nobody doesn't care at all. After crying in the car, most of us have probably thought that, " Is life going to be better?" For the rest of us, we believe that our tears of sorrow will transform into joy, but we don't know when the transformation of joy is going to come!

 Most of believe one day that the joy will come due to their tears of sorrow. During those times by ourselves in the car, most of us have felt that we must not give up towards life! Too, there have been many of nights that most of us have cried and shed many of tears because of going through intense trials!

Life has it's ups and downs. Every thing that one goes through is not in vain. It's for a reason! One must Never think that whenever he or she goes through a trial that it's always a mystery! There is always a hidden revelation under that particular trial.

(©)Copyright by Tyler J.Logan
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