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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to forgive and heal

In this subject, a lot of people are familiar with this subject how to forgive.It's very difficult to forgive a person who has hurt you! I have been there in this area!For people who have done every healing method,but it's still difficult for them to let go of the emotional damage! What if one has done all sorts of healing methods to release the pains of the past? These healing methods could be confronting, constant conseling,constant therapy, writing it down on a piece of paper, or have probably read every book about forgiveness,accepting an apology!

Overall, some people still find it very difficult to forgive and release the pains of the past that abides in their soul and emotions! These sorts of healing methods have worked for some people, but not every person! My focus of this article is towards people who have done all these healing methods, but they still feel the emotional hurts of the past to which it causes them not to forgive! They want to know how to truely forgive. Sometimes, it is very difficult to release the pains of the past.

 However, one must understand that forgiveness and healing don't happen overnight with most people. If one says that forgiveness happens overnight with every person! I say, "Yeah right, not with every person!" That statement is false! Too, I want to say to everyone, I am not here for a debate! However, I want to present a couple of ways to forgive and heal! This is presented to people who are having an extreme difficult time forgiving in order to heal,which they have done all they could to find ways to forgive! Therefore, I really hope and believe that this is will be major factor in order to forgive and heal from hurts of the past.

I. How to forgive and heal

Before I get into this subject, I want to remind the readers that this is only for those who have done all they could to forgive and release the hurts of the past, but have not been successful!This will probably be their answer! It is also for people who decide to use these couple of methods, which they are confident that it's the very good method for them in order to forgive and heal!

Moreover, forgiveness is a form of healing, releasing and letting go of the emotional hurts and severe offenses from the past! Most of us had so many hurts and pains of the past, which caused very hard time to forgive! The question how to forgive when other methods didn't work!

The way to truely forgive is by a gut wrenching cry! One would probably ask, " what does this mean?!" A gut-wrenching cry is a form of forgiveness and healing to one's emotional state! It means when a person deeply cries, he or she is releasing the hurts and pains of the past that were deeply buried in their soul and emotions !

In the mist of crying, there will be sometimes that a person will have unexpected yells out of nowhere while crying! When a person has a cry that deep, there is a healing process going on in the body, soul and spirit! When one has these gut-wrenching cries, he or she is forgiving and letting go of the buried wounds from the past!

At times, some people might cry off and on! This indicates that their healing happens by a process! When a person's healing occurs by a process, the wounds are being healed piece by piece. However,gut-wrenching cries are good for the soul and spirit because it's a part of feeling peace in one's emotional state. This causes a person to feel their emotions are becoming lighter and not be weighed down at all.

II. Hearing a strong testimony of another person

In what I mean by testimony, it signifies a person's story of when he or she was probably lied on, had a spouse cheating on him or her, someone killed their loved one,stole form them, destructive criticism, or experienced different forms of abuse in their life.

 However, one must understand that it depends on the strength of that testimony is spoken towards that person in order for him or her to forgive and heal. If the testimony is extremly strong it will cause a person to cry, which it will be a great possibility to lead him or her to forgiveness and healing! While hearing the strong testimony, that person can extremly feel one's pain and suffering because he or she has went through a similiar situation as him or her.

This is because that person has been in their shoes! When a person hears a strong testimony from another person, which it causes him or her to feel lifted!This build up causes a person to be touched so much by the testimony until it allows him or her to not feel alone in their emotional struggle! That person was so moved emotionally by what one has been through, which he or she begins to feel a recovery happening in their emotional state while listening to the testimony!

In contrast, I have enjoyed writing about this subject, which is my favorite! However, this is the main thing that so many have struggled in the area of forgiveness! I have been there!In my own life, I have extremely struggled previously with forgiveness! It was not easy at all,but it took time for me to heal and forgive piece by piece! My healing came by crying deeply! Your situation might have been different from mine,but most of us had struggles with forgiveness! I will remind the readers again, it is a process to heal and forgive! Thanks very much for taking the time to read this article! I hope that this article has lifted you up in order to discover healing! Thanks again and take care!

(©)Copyright by Tyler J.Logan
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