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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What to do when a person is being taken advantage of

In this society today, we have probably been taken advantage of in a friendship or dating.However, nobody doesn't like to be taken advantage of in a relationship. I can easily say that one must confront them, which one would believe to be the solution,but it is not sometimes! I want to talk about 3 things of what to do!

The first thing!

First thing is to investigate one's past!You probably want to say, " What am I taking about!? I don't get it! What does this have to do with the subject above!?" Let me explain in what this means! What I mean by this - did one take advantage of someone in his or her's past? Most people have the mentality that they can take advantage of a person whenever they want, but nobody cannot do that to them in a relationship! It doesn't work that way! When one have taken advantage of a person previously, he or she will recieve the same thing in return!

This goes back to the principle " Do unto others as others would do unto you!" Some people complain and get mad when some one is taking advantage of them. Most of them who have taken advantage of someone in the past, they have no right to get mad because they get what they deserve! I am not trying to be harsh,but it's the golden rule! There is a way to fix it! When one has identified their cause of why is it happening! They can give love in that person's life even though that person is taking advantage of them!

The 2nd thing

The second thing to do if a person continues to take advantage of someone is to treat them well! Even though one is angry at the person who continues to hurt him or her, getting back at them will be tempeting! At times, it will be hard! one might have to cry and weep a little bit! While treating them well, there are two things that might happen.

1. That person might be moved out the way so that he or she will meet someone who takes advantage of them. One will meet a person who treat him or her as well, just as you done to the person before or previously!

2. That person might change, but he or she will get back what was done to them! This might be in the workplace, or other places!

The third thing

Sometimes, when a person continues to take advantage of someone! It is important to tell them nicely that " I cannot be your friend, or boyfriend, or girlfriend nomore!" Be nice about it, and don't be mean to him or her! One might think that is confronting! No! Confronting is getting to the root of the problem and talking about why!

However, if that person asks the question " Why?"! If one knows in their heart there is going to conflict! Don't tell that person! The best way is to walk away! This is to make that person probably think about what he or she has been doing previously to their friend, or boyfriend, or girfriend! Sometimes, most of them don't think back at all because they think that they have not done nothing! If one feels that if he or she needs to confront! One can go for it, if he or she has a feeling that they need to confront that person!

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