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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tired of life- ( the trials in life)- devoted to those who are weary Part II

Short warning: I want to say to those who don't cannot relate to the things! If one is enjoying life, which he or she doesn't have a heart to feel what others go through! If you are very closed minded! If one can't truely relate what others go through! This type of article is not for you! Don't bother reading this! I am not trying to be harsh in order to offend! I will say again! This is not for you! This article is only to focus towards people who are tired of life so that they are able to find their way!

As for speaking in part one about trials in life, the majority of us have encountered unexpected trials and problems to hit our lives as a missile. For most of us, it took us time to recover from intense trials and problems in life. For the majority of us, we know the moment that we get up from one trial! There is another unexpected trial around the corner that comes and knock the wind out of us! There are sometimes that we can recover very good from a previous intense trial, which peace has arrived for that a period of mouths or a year!

Next, an unexpected trial comes when one doesn't think it's going to arrive. Most of us have thoughts when intense trials are going to end! There are times that we become tired and weary of going through intense trials! This is something I have to admitt.Therefore, we have unexpected feelings on that certain days. There are certain periods that we can feel very calm around a lot of people. All of a sudden,certain thoughts and feelings of anger arrive in our minds! A person can be in the room to ask us the common question, " Hey how are you doing? Is everything okay with you!" We speak, " I am fine, and okay!" However, that person asks again, " Is something wrong with you!?" Then we speak " I am okay!".

Even though we did not tell the person the truth about how we are feeling, but the reason why we do that because we don't trust the person of how we are truly feeling! Believe me, I am guility of it myself. Probably, you can relate to this certain deal!

With other people, they are in a room by themselves!While in the room by themselves, they have certain feelings of being fed up with life! In addition,they have questioned life! While being in the room, most of them have probably had thoughts of committing sucide,but decided that it's not an option. Most people have had these questions in their head! To explain this reason, Most people decide that it's not an option because they desire for their heavy burdens to lift of their emotional and mental state,which is due from so many intense trials and pressures in life.

Due to heavy burdens and intense trials in life, they become extremely tired of trying to find peace and to be excited towards life. While tired of searching, intense trials have took their excitement towards life! This leads to restless emotional and mental battles! These types of emotional battles occur because they desire to escape from their intense trials in life.Even though they decide that sucide is not an option,they have a dillgence not to give up finding excitement towards life!This is usually when they are in a room by themselves while dealing with emotional battles!While in their room, most of them have certain thoughts in their mind that nobody don't care! These certain things occur to the average person.

In contrast, If you are looking for someone to talk about your circumstances! It is extremly important that you go to a trusted conselor, or trusted social worker, or a trusted friend, a trusted close friend, a trusted relative!One who can feel you! One who is willing to listen with a caring heart! If it's a stanger, one must make sure that he or she have a peaceful gut-feeling that he or she is confortable telling their story, or start a basic conversation to get to know that person in order to determine that if he or she can be trusted. Why do I always put trust? My reason is because there are most people who cannot handle hearing your story, nor don't truely feel what you have gone through, nor can they truely relate to you! This causes them to pass negative judgement, or find something destructive to say, or go gossip to other people and twist it around! This is why it's important to go to a trusted-invidual!

(©)copyright by Tyler J.Logan
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