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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tired of life - intense trials- devoted to those who are weary part I

Note of warning: Before I continue to proceed in this article, I want to address strongly towards people who don't compassion and understanding, nor can they relate to others who go through intense things! I am not saying these things in order to offend any person!This is to warn you! If you has a very closed minded! If you have a mentality not to understand the intense things that others go through!If you have a destructive critical mentality by which he or she cannot picture himself or herself in that person's shoes! If you are enjoying life right now,and don't have a heart to feel what others go through! In addition, if you have not been through intense trials, and cannot feel and relate what others go through! This article is not for you to read! Don't waste your time reading this article! You will be mad and offended because you cannot feel and relate! This article is to speak to people who have been tired and weary on their journey in life!Too, this also speaks to people who can relate from what I am saying here so that they can find their way!

However, I want to present to those a personal word who have been through intense trials and tribulations in life! For a lot of us, we have unexpected trials and tribulations that happen in our lives! Normally, most of us have been beat down mentality and emotionally by trails!

However, we use every once of strength to continue in life. For some of us, we don't know if we can take another beating from another intense trial and tribulation in life! Too, we have questions if we can go through for one more day! Most of us has probably heard that " Troubles don't last always!" Most people find this form of encouragement to be uplifting to their soul and spirit! There are some people think this form of encouragement or statement is a lie because they feel that there is no escape from the trials and tribulations on this earth! Whatever the case maybe, a lot of us still go through trials in life!

Even the people who are strong, they have a desire for their trials, situations,and problems to be moved from their lives! Most people who are strong didn't have a person or a friend to encourage them during their trials! Most of them had to find the strength to encourage themselves during trial and tribulation. This could have been in different ways! One probably had to talk to themselves in the mirror.

 In addition, one probably listen to their favorite songs as a form of encouragement in order to keep going in life! While listening to favorite music, one has probably felt that their favorite songs were their best friends. One felt like that their favorite songs spoke to build their emotional state.During the darkest nights, one felt that their favorite songs were there! It was a sort of affection that one felt from their favorite songs in order to continue with life! At the same time, they probably have thoughts that " How much more of a beating do I have to take out of these trials?!When is this intense trial going to end? Nobody doesn't really care? Nobody understands what I am going through!"

In the mist of trials, most people find a way to put a smile on their face! Some of them display a smile on their face !Inside their soul and heart, they are weary, restless,broken apart and tired of life. In addition, most of them were very good at holding back from crying in the presence of other people! Some of them wanted to wanted to cry,but they didn't want to show their grief and emotional side!Most of them managed to keep their emotions under control! Other people have cried so much, but they made the decision to continue in life!

There have been times that they acted happy and excited towards other people;but they were tired and torn apart inwardly due to current intense trials! They displayed happiness towards other people,but were not happy inwardly! Other people who are strong during their trails, they find it very difficult to smile! This is because they have been through a lot of things in life! Most of them don't adjust their minds to such statements as, " You need to smile sometimes!You need to stop being so mad all the time!You need to associate with other people!" Even though these might be true statements, but it causes them to be more angry at the person who told them! This reason because they have probably speak in their mind as, " That person don't know my life! That person cannot be trusted! I smile for nobody! What's the reason when things are getting worse!?" These are certain feelings that they have!

In contrast, we all go through levels of trials! Yes, I understand that one has it worse and more intense than the other person! When we have been through intense trials currently or previously for so long! We begin to have compassion for the next person who is going through!

Even though most of us feel tired, we have compassion while hearing another person's testimony of going through! Why! This happens because we can relate, or can feel what they are going through! I will say to those who have been tired! There will always be some people out here in this world who cannot relate, nor have a compassion to feel what another person is going through! Why!? This is because they are not used to hearing nor had any experience! What they do next? They find something very destructive to say! In addition, it's difficult to open up to a person who cannot relate to your trials, or cannot truly feel in what you are going through!

(©)Copyright by Tyler J.Logan
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